Monday, October 10, 2005

Time to Give

30,000 people dead in areas hit by the 7.6 Earthquake..and counting...Millions are left homeless...Pakistan is calling out to the world for help...this is how the world is responding so far...anyone think Kwt is going to give anywhere near $500,000 mil.?? are accounts of people's experiences collected by the is a map...
This is some of what we can do:
Hundreds of thousands of quake survivors in the mountains of northeast Pakistan were on Monday desperately waiting for help after spending a second night in freezing temperatures
A WHOLE generation had been wiped out in the areas most devastated by the weekend's huge quake in Pakistan


coquine said...

This hasn't really been a good year for the world has it - floods, hurricanes, plane crashes, and now massive earthquakes. And let's not forget man's contribution: wars, people blowing people up...
Let's pray for a better 2006 !

Tariq said...

Good job, and i really hope everything gets better out there. They found a 5 year old girl buried in the rubble of her family's house today and she asked for water when they got her out. This really showes that the search effort should continue and there might be more people buried and seeking help. God bless

kwtia said...

Hi Coquine, here's to better and better tomorrows..
Hi Tariq, welcome to this're right, I really hope they manage to get survivors out in time..Hope enough rescue teams and helicopters get sent in..