Tuesday, October 4, 2005

M'barak 3aleikum il Shahar..Happy Ramadan everyone..

Lord there is a lot of news out there today...
Here it goes:

Turkey has been invited to open membership talks to join the EU..after a long battle between the 'yes let 'em join' and the 'no way!' voters, the 'only Muslim country' that might join the EU has been finally accepted..It will still take up to 15 years for them to join the exclusive club, so Islamophobes have some time before they see their worst nightmare come true..
I think DeLay must be looking for where the clouds opened up and chose to crap all over him..Those who know better will simply say what goes around..yeah you know the rest...and now Margaret Thatcher's office has been caught in the net of this scandal...
Afghanistan's elections are riddled with fraud...
The second Supreme court justice to be apointed by G.W.B has been named..That would be Harriet Miers..she was his personal Lawyer, has never been a judge, has no judicial record on which to judge her positions on important issues, and no side seems really happy about it..
Being a Justice on the Supreme Court of the US is a lifelong position...On the docket for this year are cases that deal with abortion, religious freedom, free speech and Disability Rights.
Word of the day:
Crony: A longtime close friend or companion.
Cronyism: partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to public office without regard for their qualifications. The word "cronyism" is always used derogatorily
Use it in a sentence:

When there are so many proven judges in the mix, it is unacceptable this president has appointed a political crony with no conservative credentials.” — Eugene Delgaudio, president of the conservative group Public Advocate
The the folks at Zogby International have a forecast for the 2006 US elections...see who is red and blue and all points in between..
October is chock full of religious celebration..It is the month of Ramadan this year, and it includes Laylat il-Qadr ---It is Rosh Hashanah (ras il-Sana) Today, then there is Yom Kippur (not a celebration but a Day of Atonement) and Sukkot for the Jewish members of our human family...Hindus around the world will celebrate Navaratri, Dussera, Durga Puja and Deepavali/Diwali--Buddhists will observe Pavarana---Neo-Pagans will be celabrating Samhain
October is also a time to celebrate for the following reasons: Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday (oct2)--World Teachers day(Oct 5)--Make A Difference Day(Oct 22)--Intenet's Birthday :) (Oct 29) and for only one person who will understand why this is a special day, it's the month that celebrates Can Can Day (Oct 21)..'can ya do the caahn caahn'..


Shurouq said...

Happy Ramadan, dear :*

Regarding Delay and Tatcher, Alla ma y6eg b'3asa :)

MissCosmoKuwait said...

embarak 3alaich al shahar! May it bring peace to the world!

kwtia said...

Hi there!
Exactly Shurouq, exactly..
and Miss C, from your mouth to God's ears..Inshallah.

unfold the voice of the desert said...

happy ramadan 2 u2

coquine said...

Same tu u kwtia!
I don't know about world peace, but at least Ramdan will bring some good food and musalsalat ;)

kwtia said...

Thanks Ladies, Hope you are enjoying the first few days and staying healthy and happy..

Zaydoun said...

I assume you and I are going to see "Serenity" together if/when it comes here, right?

Can we start the Kuwait Joss Whedon fan club?

kwtia said...

:) Now that's an idea..have you seen Firefly..I need to order that...I figure I'll see Serenity once before I see Firefly and then I'll see it again after..