Thursday, October 20, 2005

Transparency International says Kuwait is one notch more corrupt than it was last year...but we knew that didn't we?
Guardian journalist abducted in Baghdad
Rory Carroll..33 years old.

"He volunteered for the assignment and his coverage has been critical of the US-led coalition"
That's another journalist critical of the occupation gone missing..
CPJ's coverage of attacks on Journalists in Iraq---RSF'S News agencies targeted by Iraqi and US troops---RSF's special on Iraq
As of news Friday the 21st-Rory Carroll has been freed

Coverage of the Saddam Trial at the Guardian--'I am the president of Iraq. I do not recognise this court' ---Watch with Real or Qtime---The who's who of the trial in pictures---BBC Coverage

To understand what is going on Please read :

Saddam and Iraq on trial

Read the piece from IHT written by the director of Human Rights Watch"Give Iraq Justice Not Vengeance"

A useful piece from FindLaw about the controversy surrounding the trial

Legal Lynching Of Saddam Hussein
Word of the day:
Kangaroo Court: An unfair trial in which the rights of the accused and precepts of justice are ignored and the outcome is usually known beforehand.
The death toll of the earthquake reaches 80,000..say that out loud, slowly..then see here
Reading list:
Laws for a secret state without any safeguards Sydney Morning Herald
The lies of war-Eduardo Galeano (I say again, Eduardo Galeano, so read it)

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