Friday, September 2, 2005

The Katrina disgrace just gets worse and worse...and now to deflect attention away from the money that was diverted away from protecting the deflect attention away from the lack of preparedness exhibited by the gov' deflect attention away from the fact that with all the money and resources that went into 'homeland security' now it's clear that if there had been an attack on the country the gov't would not have been able to handle the injured and the refugees and the damage...because an attack would have been much worse than slowly rising make you forget all that and that victims are still dying in the flooded waters, the biggest story is suddenly 'looting'??
A station reporter also posted a message saying: "Stories of armed, roving gangs going around town looting every business they come across have been exaggerated by the national media."Science Daily
When people who have had everything they own sink and disappear the national guard is told to SHOOT TO KILL people who are taking things from stores...these people have been hungry for 4 days now...have we forgotten that when Iraqis were looting and going into museums and hospitals and taking tv sets and fridges and cultural artifacts etc...that the administration said that that 'stuff happens'
"Freedom's untidy, and free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things," Rumsfeld said."CNN
What are the hurricane victims supposed to do, start eating their own arms?? How 'bout a shoot to kill policy for white collar criminals who stole billions of dollars from the American People.. Is a bottle of water for a thirsty victim more of a crime than a fat cat getting millions more than he needs..pffft
Of course there will be people who take advantage of the situation and commit robbery and theft...but poverty in America is a cruel thing...and remember when the Rodney King riots took place? The press kept focusing in the 'looting', so you would forget the bigger story which is the disgrace of the LAPD and the racism and the poverty and bitterness that holds huge numbers of American citizens hostage.. this morning quoted a survivor who said she walked up to a cop and asked for help and he told her to 'go to hell'...Of course many rescue workers and police are also doing a damn fine job considering their lack of funding, lack of staff and lack of preparedness..
Bush is finally touring the region today..

"A year ago the US army corps of engineers proposed to study how New Orleans could be protected from a catastrophic hurricane, but the Bush administration ordered that the research not be undertaken" Sidney Blumenthal
"On Thursday, President Bush told Diane Sawyer, "I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees." Not true, at least according to a pre-9/11 FEMA assessment listing a hurricane hitting New Orleans as one of the three biggest threats facing the United States. "
The Rachel Maddow Show
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And if you watch anything watch Anderson Cooper lose his temper at the Senator Landrieu who shamed herself in these desperate times for the victims by using the interview to thank other politicians and the president as if she were at the Oscars..


Q said...

Great post and even better analysis!

kwtia said...

Hi Q! Thanks, it was the frustration spilling out after all the news..

MBH said...

I've been "silently" reading your blog for a while, gotta say: I like your way.

Umm, as for the looting, there's another blogger who's covered it in a small way.

I've been discussing issues with mom lately, regarding the Bush admin. As we see it, the Bush admin. is "creating" all these scenes to divert people from the fact that it's "LOOTING" from Iraq.
By bringing down the economy of the US, there'll be more people in the streets, whom don't have time to argue with the gov.

P.S. :: Bush wasn't actually elected for a 2nd term. He tampered with the electronic voting machines as to count all votes as his. There's been an invistagtion, but never finished and had been burried.

-> Diebold Sued (Again) Over Shoddy Voting Machines

-> Unauditable Voting Machines

-> Chimp Can Hack Diebold Electronic Voting System

kwtia said...

Hi Mbh, Welcome..Thanks for the links..yeah the election scandal..both times..what can you do? The population sat silent.

MBH said...

All they say :: What can we do?

I say bring on the 60's! Where real democracy was given birth, over the blood and sweat of all those who fought for it.

If the government isn't gonna give its people their rights, then people should do it the 60's way, riot and rebel.