Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Includes references to :Suheir Hammad, Maysoon Zayid, Aron Kader, Amer Zahr, and Dean Obeidallah. Check out their sites, there are even some clips of them doing their acts.
Yesterday was Fairouz' Birthday..and we wish her many, many beautiful years to come..


Ripped_Heart said...

"Asked to go on a religious mission, Kader replied: 'The thing is, for an Arab, a mission's a whole different deal. We don't usually come back'

That was hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

Nice blog by the way.

Shurouq said...

"We're stuck till someone replaces us. That's why we must collectively taunt North Korea as much as possible"


And Happy 70th Birthday to Fairouz

kwtia said...

Hi Ripped Heart, welcome and thanks for coming by..I'm glad you enjoyed the comedy..
Shurouq! Hey lady..you know i think that was my favourite quote..I laughed out loud...and scared my coworkers.