Sunday, November 13, 2005

Outraged yet? Tired..and by that I mean sick and tired of the violence yet? Some kind of human committed the disgusting attacks on the hotels in Jordan and robbed families of their loved ones, robbed the world of people like Moustapha Akkad and all the other precious souls that went up in flames...Enough...whoever they are and I'll be damned if i know who got together with whom to send this filthy message to the world...(And what message that would be depends on where you take your theories from)...but whoever you blame and whatever the reason you assign...the point is that it's been time, for a long time now, to say enough... Not the kind of enough that means it's ok for me to bomb the hell out of you, but not for you to do it...the kind of enough that says all violence, no matter what slimy mask of 'just cause' has been plastered to it's horrorible face, is unjustified...there is a 7/7 or a 9/11 or an 11/9 happening somewhere all the Iraq in Colombia, in Chechnya in the DR Congo ... in the ghettos and the slums and the hands of the working poor... in occupied territories and forgotten places.. in the secret prisons and the not so secret ones and in the noose and the injection that we use even when we know that the system that metes out your judgement is the way we choose to make someone the landmines lying quietly in wait for the next child to lay small feet on them... in the hospitals filled with people who will die of preventable diseases because of choices made by the dead heart of big the bodies of people who are ravaged by the poisons we continue to pour all over the planet and ourselves, knowing full well there are alternatives... you don't have to strap a bomb to yourself and be a militant to take part in just have to choose to be ignore...and when is it that we start to really look, and really act? How much more has to happen before we get off our comfortable behinds and do something useful? Does the horror of what we have become as humans really have to come and knock so close to us and our loved ones before we take notice?... and don't we already know it will be too late then...What are we doing to make this world livable? I am so tired of asking.
CND--Int. Campagn to Ban Landmines--Hague Appeal for Peace--Adopt a Minefield---Desmond tutu Peace Foundation--Int. Fellowship of Reconciliation--The Ghandi institute---Albert Einstein Institution L. King Institute--- Amnesty--Liberty-- FAIR--Project Censored--Mid East roups--David Suzuki Foundation--MSF---RAN
whether long range weapon or suicide bomba
wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction
whether you're soaraway sun or BBC 1
misinformation is a weapon of mass destruction
you coulda Caucasian or a poor Asian
racism is a weapon of mass destruction
whether inflation or globalisation
fear is a weapon of mass destruction
whether Halliburton, Enron or anyone
greed is a weapon of mass destruction
we need to find courage, overcome
inaction is a weapon of mass destruction
my story stops here, let's be clear
this scenario is happenin' everywhere
an' you ain't goin' to nirvana or far-vana
you comin' right back here to live out your karma
with even more drama than previously... seriously
just how many centuries have we been waitin'
for someone else to make us free
an' we refuse to see the people overseas
suffer just like we
bad leadership and egos unfettered and free
who feed on the people they're supposed to leadi
don't need good people to pray and wait
for the Lord to make it all straight
there's only now, do it right
"I must forgive so that the desire for revenge does not corrode my being." ArchBishop Tutu


panda said...

most of the institutes that you mentioned are abroad, how can one make a difference here. how do you show the local, regional extremist dummies that violence is not the solution?

nazzal said...

money , laziness , tribal mentality , carelessness and the lack of volunteering culture are hindering the society from going forward and being active and alive .

yet , not forgetting the negative role of the state in forbidding and creating obstacles for any kind of social movements and practices , except for those extremist retards who ads to the restrains of the state on people .

so Panda what's the solution ?! I also don't know , just like Kwtia , am tired too of asking :(

kwtia said...

Panda, these orgs are international ones..they are for everyone..I put them here so that we can learn from them and you will notice that there is a link to Mid east Organizations which are so numerous that I thought you should just go to the huge list itself instead of me listing them myself....the ones we have locally are not really cutting it but you are welcome to go check them out at their locations(and if anyone knows of any really good ones locally please let us all know)..maybe if someone with leadership skills and a tough spirit joined any of them here they could be transformed into instruments to make the world better..or make your own group up..unite for peace, for anything you believe in but just do it..if you're a blogger blog about it, if you're an activist get fired up..if you're an artist and teacher a businessman whatever, you change the world the way that you can..and you also add your voice to those globally saying enough, by contributing to and learning from these international organisations...and it's not just the 'extremist dummies' (as you call them) who have a problem with violence..what do you think would work to convince someone who thinks he has the right to use violence upon others that he/she is wrong?
Nazzal, I agree all those things you mention are missing from our educational and cultural landscape..and yes we suffer because of it..and yeah, as to the solution...Who knows..there are many paths to justice...we are two tired individuals today..but tomorrow is a new day..we're angry but let's say we won't despair..what do you think?

nazzal said...

Luv the spirit ... really do
This is the advantage when people group up , when one is down another pulls up . The natural force of the team and its perpetual drive .....
Adding leadership to the recipe , that would be a home run and the cherry on the cake .
And my guess you , Kwtia , have the bat and the cherry :) cheers

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