Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Shemsi said...

What the hell is wrong with Bush and the middle east? I'm really sick of this bullshit.

Fuzzy said...

hmmm, another N.Y Plane crash ! KaBoOM

Shemsi said...

Yeah, but they can't blame this one on the muslims. . . or can they?

Fuzzy said...

blame it on the rain ?
muslims are the blacksheep hehehe

we cant wait to meet allah !

as if no blaming it on muslims gonna change the stereotyping !

pentagon budget, CIA budget, FBI budget pump it pump it pump it hehe

kwtia said...

Fuzzy and Shemsi, hi...did the news make you cranky? Or in the case of Fuzzy, also kinda giggly?

Shemsi said...

Fuzzy cracks me up. He's the only Kuwaiti I met who has actually been to South Carolina. All the arabs I've met here are Syrian.

As for the plane crash, when we saw it on the news, Andy gave me an "Aw hell" look, but I was like "Don't worry. This one has nothing to do with us."

White Wings said...

of all this, nuclear activities are scariest, very selfish of course, scared because some of these activities are too close to home..
any happy news? please??

Fuzzy said...


what can i say ! i find most news humoring madry laish !! maybe because of the fabrication ?

shemsi lol

yeah south carolina was so cool back then :) actualy there was another Kuwaiti dude in colombia but he moved !! still discovering the area ? been to Five points yet ?