Wednesday, October 4, 2006

This retirement business is growing on me...but then who would give you too many links to articles you wish I hadn't found?...There is a responsibility on my weak little shoulders that has been nagging and here it goes:
  • Wonder Woman...Joss Whedon...woweee.

Ok, here it goes:

  • When you have oil wealth overflowing like it was a heavenly could go the way of Venezuela or...well, you could futz around a lot and then give people 200KD every so often. Plane to Caracas anyone?
  • The best documentary I have ever seen was showing at the Beirut Film Festival...I can't even begin to describe the look on all our faces when the lights went up at the end...Iraq in Fragments, see it, see it, see it...stunning in every way.
  • Yet another study tells us that our apocalypse is coming dressed as climate change for the big bash-ing. Between now and 2100 one third of the planet will be desert. Think wars for water, drought, starvation in the millions, struggles over limited resources...and other pretty things.
  • Did you think that was the only mention of climate change I would include? Sorry, you know me better than that. The ice in the arctic, yeah, it's vanishing.
  • What are these two up to?
  • And really, what are these two up to? Here is the Daily Show on the issue.
  • If King George's power grab didn't scare you before...I think it's time you got really terrified. Why? Here's a list:

Bizarro President

Detainee bill lifts Bush's power to new heights

Lincoln Weeps
by Bill Moyers

And finally...can't leave my first post in ages without the loveliest voice to come out of the Supreme Court on there...Shemsi I know this creeps you look away now.



And on October 20 a meteor shower near Orion will say hi to us all..


Witty said...


A friend of mine told me about your great blog, but he said you've 'retired'. I'm glad you're back. Loved your old posts and wanted more ;)

Please keep'em comin' and welcome back :)

kwtia said...

Witty, Hi there and thanks for the lovely words :) Yes I am slowly crawling back into this blog...

I the Beholder said...

welcome back, missed your posts :)

Fuzzy said...

@@ i cant believe my eyes !

صج أبواب السماء مفتوحه

i felt lost without your posts :(

wait let me get a kleenix *sniff*

hehehe welcome back

please dont ever again think of retiring :P

kwtia said...

i, Thank you :) Nice to be back with such sweet company.
Fuzzy :) hehe what would my ego do without you, thank you..

Shemsi said...

Oh my goodness, I didn't look away in time and now I'm blind!!

I read about Foley and his dirty emails. What an idiot. Midterm elections are in less than a month; let's see what idiots we elect this time.

Have you heard of Ze Frank? His website is It seems like the sort of thing you would like. Andy highly recommends him.

kwtia said...

Shemsi...I warned you're all blind and in Potter shock..
yeah I can't wait to be disappointed...ahh elections.
aaaand thank you for the link..good stuff :)