Saturday, October 7, 2006

Salon has an article about Battlestar Galactica's "intoxicating darkness"...and about season three's storyline which includes Caprica being invaded and occupied by the Cylons and the humans having to fight back, like insurgents...or like that other word with a 'T'...I keep tellin ya, scifi is 'the real world'.
mmmmm mmm...this news just deserves a direct quote:
"Food from a Lancashire dairy has been banned from sale across Europe after it was found to contain out-of-date ingredients, milk with traces of detergent and dyes, and mouldy and contaminated cheese including "floor waste". The Independent
When the Pope made those remarks about Islam a couple of weeks ago, it apparently didn't provoke quite as much Islamic rage as one would have this week Jack Straw decided to try his luck..bless them for trying and trying again...
And speaking of trying to start a war...What is up with the US navy issuing “Prepare to Deploy Orders”, Rice's visit to the ME being a front for building a coalition against Iran, the news running with stories of Iran defying, ignoring and dissapointing all them folks who just want it to stop having what they have, the US planning to 'punish' Iran, and that pesky letter...anyone smell the November elections?...
Mother Jones invites you to Meet the "Whack Iran" Lobby as well as 'the talented Mr. Fakhravar': Has Washington found its Iranian Chalabi?
And just in case the disaster in Iraq is not enough to turn your stomach against US flavoured intervention , here is what it looks like in Afghanistan:
"In recent months the Taliban has seized control of entire regions of the country. The security situation has worsened as suicide bombings are up 600 percent this year. Opium and poppy cultivation are at record highs." Watch the whole show on Democracy Now!
Then take a look at Afghanistan, Inc.: A CorpWatch Investigative Report October 6th, 2006
Thanks to Shemsi and Andy I have a new show to watch religiously, The Show with zefrank...Gotta do something religiously after all.
And in short:
Bahrain's 'Bandargate'---The Daily Show asks what prez Bush's Job really is?---Shocker: KTV programs called 'sub-standard'...oh no wait, they meant 'immoral'---More fights with Elisabeth on The View---Ban Ki Moon, know him?
The weather is really are the two noisy birds on the tree outside the is the cat that is watching them very very closely...


nibaq said...

So excited about Battlestar. It is the only show besides Veronica Mars thats has give short story arcs along with the larger one. We'll see how Lost goes if it continues with "lets make it up as we go along". I wont be happy.

If you awnt UN Secretary General drama check out in his post What is Up with in Jordan? We are mad at Qatar! (My copy paste isn't working)

kwtia said...

Hiya Nibaq :) Yeah Lost is all over the place..thank the lord for Battlestar and V Mars though..
Thanks for the link, drama indeed!

Fuzzy said...

:) isnt it weird that birds this year are all over the place ? many birds are watching closely from the window every morning, does that mean pollution levels are down, or what ?

Eurika & The Unit, nice series

kwtia said...

Fuzzy it could mean that they are too dizzy from the pollution to fly, and they might be staring at us because they are cooking up their revenge...
let me look those shows up, I haven't seen them yet..
:) Thanks for the mention on your Blog, you're too too kind to me.

Anonymous said...

If u want to see 'real world' sci fi, you should of looked at Star Trek: DS9.

The situation between Earth colonists being removed by the Federation to other planets in favor of the Cardassian villain's request is a copy of the Israel and Palestinian conflict and the use of terroism as a means of legitimate self-defence.

As it is Nerdy Trek...i choose to remain anon for this comment ;-)

Shemsi said...

Wow, what a lot of info. It took me a couple of days to get through it, and I still haven't read it all!!

Jack Straw is something else. What is the deal with those people not wanting to teach people who wear niqab? I teach for a living, and I'm lucky if my students are awake. Worse yet, I teach one class in a computer lab and my students spend the class period blogging or looking at myspace instead of listening to my pearls of wisdom :) I wouldn't care if my students covered their faces, as long as they were paying attention! Also, if these students were coming from cultures where women are discouraged to learn, then this is a double blow to them! Shame on those idiots in England. "Security." Bull! I mean, I'm sure they have women security guards. I'm sure the women wearing niqab wouldn't mind having their id's checked by a women. WTF?!! Ignorance.

Bandargate: Corrupt politicians; what a shock.

It was nice watching the Daily Show. Our schedule is too screwed up for us to watch it. I wish they would put the whole show online and not just the highlights on youtube.

That was funny with Rosie O'Donnel. I don't watch the view, but watching that clip reminded my that Rosie can be pretty awesome.

Have you seen the Wire? It's our new favorite show. We've been watching it on DVD. I never got into Battlestar Galactica because I really liked the first one (cheesy as it was) and my brain couldn't adjust. But I think if I saw it on DVD I could get into it. It looked really interesting. It's easier for me to get into a show (especially a complicated one) if I watch it on DVD rather than once a week.

Ok, this comment is super long. Sorry.

kwtia said...

Anonymous :) DS9 is nuthin to be ashamed of...the darkest of the ST series is always a good watch..with its not so perfect universe..and it's breaking of taboos..
Shemsi, hehe don't apologise for long comments, I like reading :)
Yes I'm a huge fan of the Wire!! It's great. Yeah I can't watch shows on tv anymore, dvd is the way to go.