Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was really missing this country...on my month of hotel hopping and racist encounters with certain white folk... but of course the joy at being back in the arms of the fatherland was short lived...Because them arms are brutal.
The pretty cozy mask we all knew was a bit too plastic fantastic is melting fast in our summer of wretchedness... Don't talk, don't be, don't complain and hope the big sticks won't come down on you.. And really I am beginning to despair...because all the protests and songs and slogans are just getting old and worn and frankly comic. And when I say comic, it's that dark thing that eats you inside because it looks so dead and stupid.
And as if it were not enough to see the goose stepping in the corridors of power and know that there is nothing like law and order or rights or compassion in this tiny blot on the planet that thinks it is king of the world, you have to deal with people closer to home that make you understand why this country is flushing itself down the toilet of history.
Is there a prejudice we haven't excelled at? A form of hatred we haven't dressed up in with a moronic pride? What hope is there for a place that fears change and destroys diversity and despises anything other than its bland and rotting self? And to have to do daily battle for the tiny,tiny crumbs of progress and for the ghosts of something humane and generous in people's souls to show itself, only to wake up to everything having automatically rewound to something even further in the putrid past, is outrageous.
I don't have any solutions. Not today.


F.. said...

well said..hopefully we wake up soon before its too late..

Morbid Curiosity said...

Yeah, but it is going to be one brutal wake up call...

BintBuNaz said...

A brutal wake up call that is much, much needed.

Welcome back.

Shurouq said...

A friend keeps telling me to look on the bright side. I can't see it.

I've been trying to "keep the faith" since the Katherine Philips' incidents.. bes mako fayda

Hope we all get ourselves back together soon coz otherwise, what are we going to do?

Welcome home :**
You've been missed

kwtia said...

Is 'too late' already here, I wonder...

Morbid C,
Brutal and pointless perhaps.

Thanks :) and do you think it will do any good? Do I sound too defeatist?

Missed you too.. Sorry about the return of the zombies over on your home on the web.
What to do? We might soon have to leave this tattered place and let the crazies savage each other.