Monday, March 28, 2005


Another earthquake has hit the region that caused the December Tsunami...This earthquake is 8.7 while the last one was 9.5...both way above average..there is an alert out for people to expect a possible Tsunami...However, because this quake hit a deeper location than the last one, there is a lesser chance of that happening, hopefully---Today's quake happened just off the Sumatran coast in Indonesia...
Aid to the victims of the last Tsunami are still short $4Billion which world governments had promised and not yet paid...Four times more women died in the last Tsunami than men, mostly because they were waiting for fishermen at the shore and were working in shops, or at home---300,000 human beings lost their lives the in the December tsunami---Child trafficking has become a huge problem due to many children being orphaned after the last Tsunami.
For more go to the report at the US Geological Survey site---BBC---Reuters---The Guardian
The alert is out in Indonesia, Thailand, South India including Kerala and all the nearby countries..

Agencies helping Tsunami Victims: Doctors Without Borders---Oxfam---IRC---Ricky Martin Foundation---Save The Children---Habitat for Humanity---SOS Childrens Villages...


Q said...

Alla i3eeenhum walla! o they expect more quakes to come, i heard on the news that since the tsunami, there have been earthquakes on a daily basis but very weak, this is one of them that is bigger!

kwtia said...

ee walla Q, It must be so stressful, I read that they were running in fear up to higher areas etc...still not over the trauma of the last Tsunami...and having to deal with a possible new one.