Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Kuwait's minister of Islamic affairs said Monday his ministry would shortly issue a new fatwa, entrusting the emir to rule on a controversy over whether to give women political rights. "The fatwa panel met recently and discussed the viewpoint of Islam on women's political rights ... It concluded that the issue is a bone of contention and that the ruler should have the final say on it," Abdullah al-Maatuk told reporters in Parliament.
He said the fatwa would
be signed and released
next Saturday.
The new fatwa would replace one issued in 1985 which clearly stated that Islam forbids women from voting and contesting parliamentary elections."
"since 1995 at least fourteen countries--including Mexico, Rwanda, Indonesia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina--have set aside at least 30 percent of government seats for women...
Beijing Betrayed, a report just out from the Women's Environment and Development Organization, lambastes governments around the world for failing to live up to their commitments: "Many women in all regions are actually worse off than they were ten years ago." The Nation
We are one of those governments and we got a nice telling off in the report...

"On International Women's Day, Rita Henley Jensen reflects on her recent trip to Saudi Arabia, where feisty, educated women are challenging the nation's system of strict gender apartheid."
Read about it here.. and guys, if even Saudi beats us then shame on us is the greatest understatment ever spoken.

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