Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Four infants aged between several months and two years old have been accused of looting! Their bail was $50, how's that for a court that will believe anything---Here's and article about the way bloggers blew the lid off the Gannon scandal

The violence in Iraq is causing a lot of psychological damage, a moving article describes the sad state of mental health and of those who are supposed to treat it..

Learning, the easy way:
Here are some links to sites that make learning fun and easy--Sparknotes summarises topics like astronomy and biology and maths along with philosophy and literature if you want to look up something or brush up on something you forgot---The Teaching company provides audio lectures by professors on a wide range of subjects, which can make your commute a learning experience---want to learn Japanese Kanji script, here's a game you play that teaches you---want to learn about famous authors check out these highlights of their life and work at the Guardian

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