Friday, March 4, 2005

Even Meryl Streep is now criticising us for our country's discrimination against women...and when it comes from the Queen of the screen..isn't it time to start listening?

Of course even more importantly she was making the comments as a board member of the group Equality Now and on the occassion of the launch of a new UN report on discrimination.

You can get Equality Now shirts---You can join the Equality Now global campaign---Take a look at their list of discriminatory laws worldwide---Take a look at the Beijing Declaration appraisal page, this is the declaration in which countries promised to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women by 2005.

On Monday there will be a Solidarity gathering at 8am in front of the Parliament Building, on the beach to support women's rights. The instructions are to wear blue. My additions are to tell everyone from your grandparents to your neighbours to come and be together peacefully in support of a country that should act like it deserves to be part of the world community.

Want to catch up on your women's rights education?

Speaking in God's Name: Islamic Law Authority and Women by Khaled Abou El-Fadl : Legal Expert in Islamic jurisprudence, writes beautifully.

The Second Sex By Simone de Beauvoir: It's a classic, and a book that is part of western feminist history. It asked important questions that are still relevant for some societies like ours.

Women in Kuwait : The Politics of Gender Haya Al-Mughni

Islam and Gender: The Religious Debate in Contemporary Iran Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Arab Women: Between Defiance and Restraint. Editor Suha Sabbagh.


Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
The Kuwaiti Constitution

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