Thursday, June 23, 2005

If you happened to catch last night's leno (Showtime) then you might have been just as blown away as I was by the dance show put on by the subjects of the new documentary's an expressive dance marvel that evolved on the streets South Central L.A...I seriously cried while I was watching the show they put on last night, wept, sobbed, and was completely hypnotised...I highly recommend you get the documentary made about it (which I haven't seen)or try to catch some coverage of it anywhere...or if you are anywhere where this amazing stuff is going on, enjoy it...It's been a while since I've seen anything so expressive of oppression/resistence and amazing creativity. I cannot recommend it enough and that's just from watching a few minutes on Leno...RIZE ! yes indeed.

Wait you thought that was it? Let me tell you some more...the dance apparently developed from Clowning into Krumping (i learnt new words today)...the former was a dance style which was created by
Tommy the Clown as a response to the Rodney King beatings and ensuing riots...Krumping is a developed form of the original, which includes mind-blowing, intense, aggressive, expressive you can see, I have fallen in love with a dance..


sarah said...

I didn't see the thing on Leno, but I did see an ad for the documentary on TV. I think they're going to show it in movie theaters in the US. It looked really intense and really good.

Thanks for the info about the GM food. I generally avoid the artificial sweetners and pesticides, but people in america typically think of soy as being health food (for health nuts). So that's what I'm more concerned about. I mean, it's easy to think of aspartame as poison, but it's hard to think that soy-related foods could be harmful!

I hope this is making sense, since I haven't had any caffeine yet :)

kwtia said...

Of course that made complete sense...which means you must be pretty lucid after your caffiene..yes I need to look further into the soy thing because I have been getting a lot of contradictory info and we need to figure out the good from the bad..
Aghh the evil word aunt had all these joint problems which disappeared after she stopped eating things that had aspartame in them (sugar sustitutes/diet soda etc..) it's a horrible poison.