Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Firstly to the little lady who nearly ran me over on the road know who you are, big SUV, never seen anything like it, black and more obnoxious than a Hummer...when you are on the merge lane, and I am on the main lane it is you who slows down and waits for the cars to pass before you politely and carefully merge onto the do not get to honk at the cars who are in the correct lane to get out of your way...and what the hell do you need a monster truck for??


Ok folks it's GM food debate time:

first some quotes from todays news about it:

"A recent study conducted by Monsanto itself indicated abnormalities in the kidneys and blood of rats fed MON863, a strain of Bt corn that many Americans eat every day without our knowledge. Monsanto has resisted calls from the European Food Safety Agency to release the full study to the public, leading to a court order to do so from a German judge...
What of the famed argument that GM crops are worth it because they will resolve world hunger? GM crops fundamentally cannot end hunger because hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food. The world currently produces enough food for everyone on earth to consume over 2,800 calories a day – that’s enough to make most people a bit pudgy. The problem is that food doesn’t go the hungriest people because they don’t have the resources to buy it or grow it. Pennsylvania is full of productive farms, yet one in ten residents of the City of Brotherly Love know hunger all too well. Hunger is caused by a lack of access to basic human rights, including good education, health care, housing, and living wages – in the Untied States and throughout the world. Hunger is also caused by racism and inequality. These topics aren’t on the agenda of this year’s BIO conference."
Who/What is Monsanto??
If you're talking about PCBs, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, water privatization, biopiracy, untested/unlabeled genetically engineered organisms, or persecuting small family farmers, you're talking about the Monsanto Corporation.(
  • Revealed: health fears over secret study into GM food(Independent)
  • The Guardian has a special report on GM Food
  • Toxic pollen from widely planted, genetically modified corn can kill monarch butterflies, Cornell study shows

"Syngenta admitted this week that, for over four years, it "mistakenly" sold hundreds of tons of an experimental corn seed not yet approved for human consumption.

Contaminating the world's food supply is becoming a habit for big agribusiness.

Back in 2000, a genetically-modified (GM) corn called StarLink was discovered in Taco Bell tacos. Manufactured by Aventis, StarLink was modified to be more insect-resistant through the insertion of a bacterial toxin into the corn's DNA. When eaten, however, it can provoke intense allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock...

In 2002, Friends of the Earth released a report documenting how StarLink and other banned GM-corn brands were sent as food "aid" to poor countries by USAID and the World Food Programme."Liza Grandia



Seeds of Deception: How To Avoid GM Foods


Valiant Contender said...

I'd love to see someone actually go ahead and strictly watch what these people do! It is getting ridiculous.

Which reminds me of this morning's article on BBC about causing infertility. Now that i see Soy is a "major" gm crop then i suppose that is the reason why this is happening! (Just a guess, though i wouldn't want to be quotes to spread false info :))

Thanks for the post.

kwtia said...

Hi Valiant Contender, good to see you around..I have read that because Soy contains a lot of estrogen (female hormone) it leads to lower sperm motility...I have also read that it can lead to breast cancer and that it can also prevent breast cancer,which is very confusing...I do like the flavoured soy milk we heve here though..I guess everything in moderation is good.
Yes to monitoring the offending companies...I agree with that definately.