Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm really starting to wonder about those speeding electronic boards they have hung over the highways that tell you how fast you are going...it keeps saying that I am going at 133 km/hr when I am only just above 80km/hr... I drive like a grandma ...(and my mom who is really a grandma, drives like a fiend, so watch out for a senior citizen in a speeding caddy)..
Anyway, someone needs to fix those machines...

Once again, since we are talking about cars...I know, I know... I do this a lot...find an excuse to encourage everyone to drive eco-friendlier cars...bear with me.
Here are some sites that you can look at to make a decision about buying your next car..
And just for fun:
Feel the need to balance out the environmental damage we all take part in?
Final Notes
Michael Jackson is a free person...Guess who makes a surprise appearance after a year of no news from him...the big bad Saddam...just in time to coincide with all the news about the war having lost popular support...hhhmmm what a coincidence...oh it also happens to coincide with the leaked memo showing that MP's were told they had to find and excuse to go to war...
will playing the tape of Saddam being questioned about massacres help to boost support for the badly ailing war drive??? We can only wait and see..
The guy who made 'Supersize Me" now has a tv show called 30 Days which sounds interesting..
Have a good day folks and I hope that one of my favourite bloggers out there remains the patient, awsome person she is (you are an example to us all) while she deals with foul mouthed children playing dirty on her blog...


SheWrites said...

It's so wonderful to have you back. You're so incredibly eloquent and I love reading what you have to say.

Ditto to all your thoughts (although I can't part ways with my SUV! :|).


Shurouq said...

Finally.. You're here!

Hmm.. had the same thought watching Saddam's trial last night. Why now?

I'm flattered, dear..
Those comments really get to me, but then all it takes is a sweet e-mail, or a gesture like yours to make it all good again.

(Sister's considering a new car.. I'll pass her your links :) Thanks)

sarah said...

You know, I was feeling pretty good about myself, carpooling, recycling, etc. Until I did that footprint quiz and it turned out that I'm using 3 times my share of the world! Ugh!

I saw ads for "30 days." One of the episodes is about living off of minimum wage for a month. This has kind of been done to death in the US since Ehrenrich's book "Nickel and Dimed" became a hit. Another episode is about living without electricity, which seems really scary to me. The third one that I saw an ad for is about living in America as a muslim! I know he means well, and maybe this is interesting to people, but it's just funny to hear: Being poor, having no electricity, and living as a muslim.

kwtia said...

Hey ladies..
N. coming from the word wizard (can I say that about a woman? Why the hell not) I feel extremely red cheeked right now..I bow before you..
And about the SUV, I know what you mean,,,when I gave up mine it was like a bad scene out of a tragic love story...
Shurouq, sweet lady, I say again and again you are one hell of an admirable woman..patient and level-headed even though we all know how passionate you are about things and how deeply you can feel...i'd say 'stay strong', but I think you've got that covered...Hope your sister finds the links useful..
Sarah, You know how horrible this is...my footprint test said that if everyone lived like me we would need 6 and a half worlds to keep up...I would have had a better result back when I was living abroad, because there was a lot less energy use going on and public transport etc.. but I am ashamed of my result...and I see what you mean about the new show :)