Tuesday, June 28, 2005

OK rant: This morning, (maybe where I work maybe not) one of the kwti employees comes and asks that the tea and coffee man to remove his car from the boss' covered parking space (the boss is not in the country)...no one in the office agreed to tell the sweet man to move his car...which I bet has no AC, is parked in the blistering sun all the time, so now that he has a chance to have it shaded, shouldn't he bloody well have the right to that? So the disgruntled kwti employee went and told him to remove it, and must have done it in a pretty insulting way because the sweet man who makes the coffee was crying after it all. Now the space stands empty with no one's car in it..and what's the point of that really?..anyway a bunch of employees offered to move their cars out of the shade so he could park in the shade (and so that mean 'get your car outta here' man can get a hint), which is a good thing... so now he won't have to bake in the fire hot car after a day of being nice and working hard...

not a rant:
Driving to work can often be pretty dreary, especially in traffic...and it usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour to get to work...but on days like today, when I get the bright notion of taking a detour and manage to have that flash of brilliance just before the exit that takes you onto the beach road (khaleej)... let me tell you..it turns into a morning of smiles all around...the colour of the sea is that turquoise green/grey (which might be kinda unhealthy, but it sure looks pretty) and the city is sitting back across the inlet and enjoying the breeze...pretty pretty day.


Valiant Contender said...

1. So why didn't anyone talk to the mean guy?
2. I've done that before, and I would do it again if work was on that path, glad you enjoyed it :)

kwtia said...

Hi Val C, you know I think that no one was gutsy enough for a confrontation...which is pretty sad...
As for the drive, I highly recommend it...of course not so much that everyone starts taking the same path and the traffic ends up on the waterfront..
see ya later