Saturday, February 12, 2005

The holiday is coming to an end...can't wait for the next one coming right can't be healthy to be so spoiled in February...March is suddenly like a Monday morning (I use the western version of the first day of the week because here it's Saturday for half the people, Sunday for another bunch and no day at all for people who don't even bother to show up for work, so the Monday is easier..) Maybe it's because I have reached the point of disillusionment with my job that I worry about being given so much time off from it...waking up for the 40 minute commute is beginning to really get painful...During the honeymoon phase, I loved the commute, I even prepared all the books on tape I could find around the house...Traumatized a lot of folks who got into the car and turned it on only to have the speakers blare out the scene where Raskalnikov murders everyone in a very annoying reading of Crime and Punishment...But yeah in the first days of a new job..where you are loving your co-workers (still love them to bits, very lucky) and loving the challenges and the fresh flavor of work, everything is this point however, when the bureaucratic forces of the corrupt system have sunk their claws in so deep that even your own optimism, your 'let's just do our best anyway, let's show 'em' attitude has become another dusty relic you left somewhere you don't even remember...It seems that the system is there to make sure that things do not go forward..and the desires of those on top will be carried out without any input from those, like us, who have actually been hired to steer and direct the movement of the now landlocked ship of fools we seem to have joined...I am smarting from the bitterness yes..I guess I am annoyed that they have even managed to suck the last drops of hope I had in somehow finding a place that wasn't entirely corrupt...I would have been happy with just 90% corrupt, at least we could have had wiggle room and something good might have come of it..
well that's my good morning to the last day of the looong weekend.


Q said...

Lol kwtia, good morning to you too!

And LONG LIVE FEBRUARIES, more chance for u to leave that hell hole of bitter corruption ;P

Q said...

btw, check out my latest post, I think it will interest u

PKD said...

I'm gonna break,
I'm gonna break my,
I'm gonna break my rusty cage -
And Run.

I'm gonna break...

kwtia said...

Hi guys, Q thanks, yes if only Feb were 12 months of the year..By the way are you talking about the archeological remains post or the wedding post?..i was interested in both.
Keith you know that's what I was thinking too..I'm thinking it's a good idea..i'm getting the running shoes on..

Q said...

Hi kwtia, definitely archeology post!