Wednesday, February 9, 2005


As expected, the states that pledged all that money to help the poor victims of the Tsunami disaster have ...(can you guess?) ...yup, have failed to pay up to two thirds of the promised amounts...Its been over a month...aid groups and suffering people are waiting to be helped..Oxfam says that the pledges that the public made (that is the real people of the planet) were immediately fulfilled...and the states/governments/countries (the ones who hold all the real people's tax money, oil money, whatever money) are not paying up...some even played with their books...did a little Enron accounting 101... so that they would sound like they were going to give more than they actually intended to give..PR accounting more in The Guardian, MSNBC, Scotsman..

So since it's us who end up keeping our promises...if members of the public are still loking for places they can donate money, or volunteer or just get an update look at Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, Oxfam, and don't forget to spread the word, complain, make a fuss to get your countries to pay up!

ETA has bombed Madrid, injuring 15

Kuwait News
Kuwaiti newspapers are being threatened with closure if they print any details about the investigations into militants---Questions about the effect of long-term clashes with militants on the economy are being raised---Amer Khlaif al-Enezi has allegedly died of a heart attack in police custody, what will this mean?---

News Bag of oddities:
Channel 4, UK is planning a show called 'The Guantanamo Guidebook' , which will be a reality show based on the torture instructions and reports that have come out of will take 7 men and see what the effect of mild torture would be on them--- Female soldiers mud wrestled in their undies, with the guys cheering them an Iraqi prison camp...what will they get up to next?---


sarah said...


I always want to post a comment, but your posts often leave me speechless. The world has definitely gone crazy, or maybe it was always unstable and I just never noticed.

So, in lieu of a comment, I will just say: How are you doing, kwtia? Hope you are doing well :) Have a great day!

kwtia said...

Hi Sarah..I'm not too bad, thanks for asking..Hope you are doing well...and yes the world is definately mad..