Thursday, February 17, 2005


More Scandals:
New abuse/torture/rape and photo ops in yet another scandal for the US forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq..
One prisoner reports: "After they tied me up in the chair, then they dislocate my both arms. He asked to admit before I kill you then he beat again and again," the prisoner says in his statement. "He asked me: Are you going to report me? You have no evidence. Then he hit me very hard on my nose, and then he stepped on my nose until he broken and I started bleeding."
Another prisoner: ""They forcibly rammed a stick up my rectum," he reports. "It was excruciatingly painful ... Only when the pain became overwhelming did I think I would ever scream. But I could not stop screaming when this happened." Quoted from the Guardian

Background to Torture Scandals:
"This month, British readers get the chance to study in full the catalogue of leaked memos and government investigations which track the evolution of the White House's torture policy from 9/11 to Afghanistan, Guantánamo and Iraq, with the publication here of Torture and Truth by the US journalist Mark Danner, and The Torture Papers, edited by two US lawyers, Karen Greenberg and Joshua Dratel"

Abu Ghraib: The Hidden Story NYRB
The files that detail the new abuse scandals are with the ACLU...

Tsunami Update:

  • The Tsunami seems to have uncovered an ancient city in India, dating to the 7th Century.


News Mix:

Richard Perle had a shoe thrown at him by a member of the audience in a debate between Perle and Howard Dean--A new study says that antidepressants like Prozac make people twice as likely to kill themselves---Iran continues to jail its bloggers---Hunter S. Thompson has been found dead in his home...Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela says tha the US plans to assassinate him---

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