Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Sunday's Events:
"THE family of a Bahraini student killed when he was caught in the crossfire as police battled terrorists in Kuwait told last night of their agonising grief. Bahrain University student Mahmood Abdulaziz Abdulla, 20, from East Riffa, will be buried this morning in Hoora cemetery...
...It is understood he was caught in the crossfire as he was looking out of the window when police cornered the militants"
Which is probably why you probably shouldn't corner militants by shooting at a residential apartment complex from the floor, and you don't evacuate innocent people before you do it.


"A passer-by was also killed in the incident. The shootout will forever be etched on the mind of M. M. Abdul Qadir who lives on the same street as the militants, for his lucky escape. He was returning from a diwaniya and has just got in front of his house when the shooting started....

...At the same time 2 shots hit the window of a room on the ground floor of House No. 14 where a maid was sleeping. Two other shots hit the house. The startled maid ran upstairs and woke up her sponsor Y. Mansour, who immediately called 777 and told them about the shooting and the sound from a car accident. He was told an operation was underway in the area and it will soon be over. Mansour said he went back to bed(!), woke up later and saw the Camarro with a bullet hole in the windscreen and a damaged Mitsubishi car parked in front of his house."

The degree to which the news is unimportant is expressed by how many news articles just copy the same headline and content off each other, they don't bother to get info themselves. Or they just don't have enough info to work with..
The headline on over 20 news copies around the world is:
Kuwaiti Police Arrest Reputed Terror Boss

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