Saturday, February 5, 2005

In the Press:
A moving article from Thursday's Al-Qabas by Ahmad Essa "Terrorism in Kuwait...We are all Responsible"...he includes a saddening comparison between both the shaheed Hamab Al-Ayoubi and the militant Sami Al-Mutairi..both of whom he knew...In the same edition is an interview with the lawyer Hamad Al-Essa titled "The Government is Reaping what it has Sown"

Weird last pages in the Rai Al'3am yasterday and today, about a girl who was prostituted by her father for starters and then went onto complicated life in prisons and brothels and is now saying she has 'repented' and wants someone to mary her to 'yastir 3alayha'..

The Guardian has an interactive guide that takes you through the Iraqi elections...simplifies the process for anyone who is curious.

Fish lovers, here is a list of the best and worst fish to eat based on ecological standards---


Q said...

kwtia, u know whats funny?? I went to read the part from alraialaam, and i saw the picture of the girl with her 7ijaaab and all.....the story is related to an earlier story, found here. Guess what? Exactly one day before her second interview asking for someone to yastir 3alaiha, she wasnt wearing any 7ijaaab! LOL! Thats just silly!

kwtia said...

Q, yes exactly..apparently 'allah hadahah' in between articles..By the way thanks for the link..i was having trouble finding it..i could only get a hold of the second one online...I have to say that it is pretty creepy that stuff like that goes on anywhere let alone in this small place...and I have a feeling that she will need a lot of years to get over it and actually be a functional person..the whole two part series thing is odd, as is her transformation..

sarah said...

Thanks for the info about the seafood. I'm not a big seafood lover, but I do like it every once in a while. It's good to know what to eat and what to avoid. It's really sad that the ocean is so polluted that we have to worry about fish!

The Iraqi election link was also useful. It sounds like they are using the same system as Russia, or similar anyway. Do you know anything about the Saudi elections? My impression from the news article I heard on the radio, was that most Saudis don't really care about it. But I am interested to know if they will allow women to vote in Saudia soon.

Oh, I told me mother recently what you said about your uncle teaching at KU and how he had to stand in the doorway to teach 2 classrooms. That's really sad. I teach and I can't imagine not being able to face all of my students at one time. Is there a teacher shortage because of a lack of available teachers? or is there a teacher shortage because they are picky who they hire? I know a lot of people graduating here with master's or PhD's who are having trouble finding jobs. Maybe having a war and terrorism is discouraging people from looking for jobs in the Gulf?

kwtia said...

Hi Sarah, hope you're well..
As far as I know women are barred from voting in the Saudi elections..a lot of them thought they would be able to vote, and some even listed themselves as candidates..and then they got the old 'ooops no, sorry, you have female parts which means you still don't count for much'..I guess this makes it two countries now in the world who discriminate against women in election was lonely when Kuwait was the only one on the planet..
of course it is being hailed as a historic election and so on, but elections do not a democracy needs a culture that is open and fair and democratic..
There is a teacher shortage, or at least a 'good teacher' shortage, and the segregation makes it worse because you are doubling the number of classes needed if you need two of each to teach both genders..And yeah, not a lot of folks would want to come here to teach..and when they do come they are disgusted by the corruption and the grade inflation etc..I know a lot of educators that have moved to other gulf states like Qatar..but some do find that they like it here..depends what you like really..