Tuesday, December 7, 2004

The clouds are great, and the weather smells like rain.. A thing I love here in Kuwait.

Ok guys the news goes a little like this, Al-Hayat reports that the Jon Stewart's book has been named book of the year by Publisher's Weekly--- Eight Us Soldiers in Iraq and Kuwait plan to sue the army for not letting them go home after their enlistment ended---If climate change isn't dealt with properly, populations in low-lying areas by the water will be forced to migrate. Bangladesh is one such place---Rich countries, who are richer today than they have ever been, are breaking promises they made to aid the poor, which Oxfam says will lead to the deaths of 45 million children by 2015..

Spurred on by D'n'G, I caught Tru Calling on showtime yeaterday since it coincided with me collapsing on the couch after an odd day...I noticed that it falls into two categories that seem to be popular these days Morgue/coroner shows and supernatural powers shows...Along with sitcoms about portly men with pretty wives, these seem to be the hottest storylines...It seems like TV folks like to copy themes about as much as we here like to steal the titles of movies and stick them on hairdressers' shops..It was an ok show, nice to see Ms. Dushku after the cancellation of the pretty great Buffy series..Now that was a show!...Also, where are the shows that fall in between idiotically lightweight silly, and pure creepy? Where are the Cheesy but satisfying Remington Steele's and Murder She Wrote's?? The quirky Seinfeld's and the light and breezy Friends (yes even with its shamefully all white all living in sweet apartments without really working cast, you still kinda looked forward to the laughs even if you sometimes didn't admit it)... ..Roswell and Dark Angel were good but short lived, Will & Grace is funny and is really Karen&Jack, Nip/Tuck is sorta good. People are addicted to 24 which I found to be a waste of 24 hours...what other shows are out there?


Q said...

How about the Simpons?! Only the best show ever made!

sarah said...

Do you get Desperate Housewives? Or Lost? Or Alias? These are completely different from the typical 1-hour shows. Arrested Development is a good 1/2 hour comedy. I like to watch all the "procedural dramas" like CSI, Law and Order, etc. But the shows I listed above are a refreshing change. We only watch some of them on TV though; typically we rent shows on DVD because we don't get very many channels where we live. My husband got me into watching Buffy a few years ago, and we really really miss it now! The first season of West Wing was good, and the first season of Ed. I enjoy Nip/Tuck, although it has its moments. Do you get Charmed? It's silly, but kind of fun to watch if there is nothing else on. We also really like Queer as Folk, but if Kuwait still censors shows, QAF will be about 15 minutes long (rather than 60).

BTW: Favorite Eliza Dushku movie: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Have you read Jon Stewart's book? It's really funny.

I heard yesterday on the Daily Show that the US is calling up soldiers who haven't been in a war since the 60's. They said that there are currently 150,000 US soldiers in Iraq right now. That's twice the population of my town, and during the 5 o'clock rush hour, my town seems VERY crowded.

Tooomz said...

I know what you mean..there's nothing good to watch on tv. There seems to be a great crop of new shows in the US..waiting for them to reach Kuwait :P

I've been buying up all the old classics and memorizing them (Fawlty Towers anyone?). From the shows you mentioned, we seem to have similar tastes in tv viewing..If you're interested in getting seasons on dvd, you might want to give Alias a shot..The OC great..Smallville's also amazing..Those 3 should keep you entertained for a long, long time.

kwtia said...

I knew I would forget some, the West Wing's first two seasons...I just started season three..We don't get Desperate Housewives yet..And I haven't read Jon Stewart's book yet, I think I will save it for vacation reading..I think C.S.I is interesting when I catch it, and I am starting to watch Arrested Development..I never managed to get into Alias really, and Q, didn't catch the Simpsons at a point that would have gotten me interested, but I think it's funny when I do see it.
Queer AF I think may not make it here..
Six Feet Under is shown here, that is good..
Oh The Office is pretty hilarious..and so was Ab Fab back in the day..

kwtia said...

Hi Toomi, you know, everyone is talking about the O.C., I am curious about it..Smallville is not bad, but I somehow didn't get involved in it..I'll watch it if it's on..Like a lot of shows..Maybe it's a sign of getting older that I don't really look forward to shows..I'll just catch them if they're on..oh, I think the Gilmore Girls is hilarious, but people need to get into it's rhythm.

sarah said...

OMG I totally forgot about Gilmore Girls and the Office. And Ab Fab. We didn't get Office or Ab Fab in the US, but I saw some on DVD. That's one of the great things about Kuwait is that you have access to Canadian, Australian and European shows as well. In the US they won't show "foreign" shows on TV. They will make "american" versions of british shows, which means that they will remove what is original and interesting from the show, and make it a clone of "friends" or some other successful american show.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

oooh much thanks for the free publicity lol

It seems I got here too late cuz everyone already mentioned all the "decent" shows. Like Sarah already said Kuwait gets access to "all" shows which isn't lost on us by the way :P

Speaking of "Lost" it sounds amazing. Actually I've been working on a novel for 5 years now and the plot is kinda' the same so "Lost" is awesome by default. Sadly, it's only going to reach Kuwait in about a hundred years or so. On the bright side, at least we have something to look forward to.

Amazon - An older version of lost. Plane crashes on an island. It shows how the survivors ... er survive on the island. I think "american plus? orbit" is going to start showing it again pretty soon. It's really cool.

Everwood - I only saw one episode but the main kid's character bugs me so I lost interest lol but it's being shown on "America Plus, Orbit" in case you're interested and all I'm hearing about it is good things.

Birds Prey - Also on "America Plus, Orbit" about the daughter of Batman and Catwoman teaming up with two other chicks to beat up the bad guys. Charlie's Angels wannabes (just like She Spies, V.I.P.'s, etc...) The soundtrack is awesome though so watch it for that if nothing else.

Ally McBeal - I'm positive you've heard of this before 'cuz it's old but "Style, Showtime" is showing reruns and it's this absolutely hilarious show about a bunch of lawyers but specifically focuses on the one called "Ally".

Boston Public - I think it's by the same guy who made Ally McBeal. It's about a bunch of teachers and how they deal with stuff that comes up while teaching. It's very heart-wrenching, heart-warming, and every other word that has "heart" in it. You can't helped but get too attached to everyone. Also on Tvland, Showtime.

Missing - New show on "Tvland, Showtime", never got around to seeing it but they're still showing the first episodes if you're interested.

Trading Spouses - I almost died from laughing too much. Then again I love comedy and I love reality tv and this was a combo of both so me loving it was a no-brainer but dunno about you. Give it a shot, on tvland, showtime.

Survivor (Vanatua Islands or something along those lines)- They're showing weekly episodes but the finale is next week. After that they'll start showing episodes back to back, as in daily. You could watch it on Tvland, Showtime then.

Jerry Springer - I know it's fake but I can't get enough of this crap (Ricki Lake, Sally Jessy Raphael, Oprah, Maury Povich) I love 'em all! Tvland, Showtime.

Conan O'Brien - Can't believe nobody mentioned him. Paramount, Showtime

Jay Leno - Slightly less funnier. Paramount, Showtime

One on One - Dad raising a teenage daughter, kinda' funny. Paramount, Showtime

8 rules for dating my teenage daughter - I know the father passed away (in real life) but the show is hilarious. I really recommend it. I'm morbid like that see? Paramount, Showtime

I totally recommend checking out Hallmark from time to time. The mini-series are awesome! "Mists of Avalon", "Merlin", "Cleopatra", "Dune", "Children of Dune" are just some of the amazing mini-series that I could think of off the top of my head. Most of the people that starr are actually really respected and famous actors and actresses. I saw "Cleapatra" maybe 5 times already and would buy the dvd if stupid amazon wasn't sold out.

The O.C. = I cannot praise this show enough! To save everyone time I'll just say that you HAVE to watch this so get it, now. GO GO GO

Hope I helped :)

Anonymous said...

Conan is the best!
Thanks for the info D'n'G!