Saturday, December 11, 2004

What a beautiful day, take a look out the office window, or step outside and take a deep breath and smile..Isn't this planet just a wonderful place to be?...
(when you don't think about all the damage we have done to it)

So what's in the news?

The Independent says this:

"They are a billion strong. Diseased, malnourished, uneducated, they are a people on the run from wars that take the lives of their brothers and sisters. And they are all children - half the children on earth today"
Maybe you think 'that's terrible, but it's far from here and what can I do about it" ..until you read page twelve of Al-Qabas today and you hear about the ghetto/slums we have here:
الصليبية في حالة طوارئ00 من ينقذهابطالة وجرائم ومخدرات وفراغ ومعاناة إنسانية مستمرة
«يا أخي نريد من يحمينا..لا يوجد أمن، نخاف على أولادنا وبيوتنا، كل يوم تحدث جرائم وسرقات»
أطفال الصليبية تفتك بهم «الأمية»..بعضهم تجاوز عشرة أعوام ولا يعرف القراءة والكتابة، أولياء أمورهم يرونهم ويتمزقون ألما، أي مستقبل لهؤلاء المساكين سوى التحلق حول إشارات المرور كما يفعل الطفل محمد وأشقاؤه، يذهب سائقو السيارات إلى بيوتهم، يراقبون أولادهم وهم ينامون، وحده محمد يظل في الشارع يرفض «دينارا» واحدا أعطي له من دون مقابل، وقال بكبرياء يلفه الحزن «الله يخليك أخذ الخلطات وخلصني حتى أروح البيت
Till when will we continue to accept this? to make excuses for it (oh they haven't really been here long, they threw away their passports)? These human souls are here, they need jobs and educations and respect.
France is starting a French language news channel next year, to add some diversity to the CNN and FOX swamped world--- diseases from dead bodies, sewage in the streets and rabid animals means the 250,000 falluja refugees have to wait before returning to what's left of their homes---It was ten years ago today that the Russians re-invaded Chechnya--on this day in "1986: U.N. agency UNICEF, promoting child education, established. The program becomes a center of U.S. refusal to pay its U.N. dues, with the U.S. claiming that UNICEF programs were socialist and anti-American"(WFC)

And just some lighter stuff so you don't feel like the world is just too depressing (which it isn't, if we don't want it to be)-
  • A German company is planning to launch a new web service, Cybersky, that will allow you to watch TV shows from almost anywhere in the world, for free..
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) was in Dubai this week and spoke about the need for more starring roles for women in Hollywood films...and a film-makers' guild might be set up soon in Dubai..
  • Watch the Daily Show for a good laugh.

Peace everyone, and have a sweet day under these blue skies..

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