Monday, December 13, 2004

Foreign Policy magazine has a 7 page article on blogs and blogging---Mahmoud Abbas has apologised for Palestinian support of Saddam H. During the invasion 14 years ago..After Kuwait said that it was not expeting a formal apology---A jointly made Palestinian-Israeli film by a Palestinian director who belives in non-violent struggle is showing at the Dubai Film Festival---The Daily Star has an article about AUK, and an article about Jean Said Makdisi's new book which "contradicts popular beliefs about premodern Middle Eastern society"
The Democratic Republic of Congo is the scene of one of the worst tragedies of our time..the past six years has seen 3.8 million people die there as a consequence of the ongoing war...For a brief and interesting history of the problem, go here...if you're the type to get drawn to a topic after seeing a movie, then take a look at Lumumba and if you like mysteries here's a BBC article on the questions surrounding Lumumba's death...
A Charity benefit opera and Kuwaiti music event will take place at the Marriott And 15KD entry fee will go to the Human Rights org. (Tuesday night)
That's the only info I have on that, anone who has more details let us know
Tonight 'Bas Ya Ba7ar' at Dar Al-Athar 7pm


Q said...

I love ur posts! Dont you ever think about stopping!

minky said...

Keep up the great work. Very nicely done

Anonymous said...

I thought "Bas yaba7ar" is showing next week. Could you please confirm this tid-bit.


shady q80 said...

bah it was me in a cloak...

:: muslim artist :: said...

I hope the apology will prompt more support of the Palestinians from Kuwait.
I realise that money has been donated to support the cause, however the fact that a vast majority of the money given from Kuwait has ended up in Suha's shoe collection should have outraged the Kuwaitis.

It's so easy to give money, demands to the US need to be made by Arab nations, especially the Gulf nations, since the West relies on them heavily for their oil.

It would be great if there could be another oil embargo.

kwtia said...

Wait let me double check on that, very shady annonymous Q80, Ah excellent, thanks for pointing that out..yes yes indeed Bas Ya Ba7ar is in fact on the 20th, that is next sources misinformed me..and I in turn misinformed you guys..apologies..I wonder what they went to, thinking they were going to that lecture???
Q, have you heard a rumour that i am stopping? Thanks to both you and Mink for the kind words, they are very nice to hear especially on a cloudy day like today..
M.A., I agree with you that 'money is easy to give', especially from a rich welfare state, so the groans of the we bled for them variety is a little dramatic and was politically useful for the last decade..There are serious and undeniable rifts between the two communities, including those that were exaggerated by some and then parroted endlessly by everyone else..It was amazing, whoever you talked to, it felt like they were reading from a script, all you had to do was press the 'palestinian' button and you would get the same record played for you. An amazing wonder of same source news. When you get here you will see how different this world has become since the 70's and oil embargo time..