Friday, December 31, 2004


Hello people, I have been away for a while, hope everyone is well...
OK this post is going to be about the ways you can help with relief efforts for the victims of the Tsunami, and also a reminder that events like these should bring attention to the other tragedies happening in the world, and make us respond to them with equal compassion, not draw attention away from them. Our giving of what we can and our capacity to care should be limitless:

1- Several sites have in depth coverage, in case you want to get more info: The BBC has a lot of information and they have links to relief efforts and ways to locate those who are still missing---The WHO has a page on what kind of diseases spread through flooding disasters, so that you know what people there need---A Blog that has a wealth of info is the SEA-EAT blog --- Air America has news and you can listen to the radio shows..

2- For those of you who want to find relief agencies that are working to help the victims take a look at Doctors Without Borders, they are dedicated amazing people who are setting up relief centers/clinics and sending in medical supplies and aid, if you are a doctor or emergency worker you can volunteer to go over there and help out, through them---Oxfam, as always, is out there and helping, so give what you can---Save the Children is out there too in several regions including Madras, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand---the UN agencies involved in the disaster relief work are the World Food Programme, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization---The International Red Cross is in Sri Lanka and Indonesia---even Amazon is taking donations for the American Red Cross.

3- For those in Kuwait: Kuwait has so far pledged 2 million worth of aid, keep an eye on them so that they keep their promise---The Red Crescent can be a place you go to see how you can help---The Embassies of the countries affected by the disaster can be a source of information, ask them what they are doing to help and how you can help the victims, and help their families who might be in Kuwait---Things that are needed to be sent there, if you know someone in the area or someone who is going there, include: rehydration pills/kits, Malaria pills, paracetamols, diarrhoea pills for adults and children, multivitamins, water purification tablets/chlorine tablets, antibiotics, clothes, blankets, some places need more of some things than others so ask around..(also remember, north of our border those supplies are also desperately needed)
Indian Embassy---Indonesian Embassy---Thai Embassy---Anyone have info on the Sri Lankan embassy/consulate?
Kuwaiti blogs who also have info are Zaydoun's and Jambino's..the others out there let me know, I just haven't had enough time..

4-Lastly... disasters are taking place everyday, and they need a sustained effort from us as a world community to give relief to the victims and to help prevent them...our hearts all opened up for the victims of these horrendous floods, as they should, and it was probably very much due to the media attention and the heartbreking pictures and stories...our compassion should not end at the events that gain public attention only...or which stir us to a moment's need to do some good...let's remember the over two million dead in the DRC (Congo)--Lets remember 100,000 dead across our northern border, their wounded civillians and their devastated infrastructure---let's remember the wars that are raging all over the world that we are silent about---there is hunger that we can prevent worldwide (over six million children die each year, of hunger)---Write to the media, ask them why they don't do live coverage of suffering that goes on daily in war stricken countries? Where is their coverage of AIDS victims in Africa? Where is their coverage of hunger worldwide? Where is their coverage of the spending that goes on useless items while children and labourers and minorities worldwide become more and more needy..

The United Nations Development Program estimates that the basic health and nutrition needs of the world's poorest people could be met for an additional $13 billion a year. Animal lovers in the United States and Europe spend more than that on pet food each year

Peace everyone, let this new year be one we can all be proud of.


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

I commend you on this post, especially the part about helping out the Tsunami/Earthquake victims. At one point this person (I think it was a guy) was filing the flood all around him from his balcony and this other girl next to him was sobbing. At first all I saw was statistics and just another "news story" but when I heard her cry (I mean I've heard others cry and stuff) but the way she was sobbing it just made me tear up.

It hit me. This is real. These are real people. It's not just tv. So I'm sad to say that playing all those video games and watching all those movies has more or less desensitized me (and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one).

I heard that a Kuwaity family in Thailand had to "shimmey" across a rope from the top of one building to another. If you fall, you're gone. Also all they've had to eat was potatoes.

As for the others, most of the roads or paths have been destroyed by the quake so distributing supplies is harder than ever.

When all this began they said that 20,000 had passed away. Then it increased to 80,000 (as an overall estimate). Now they're saying it's past the 100,000's. Sadly I think it might reach 200,000 and that's not even counting the missing people. Wallah 7aram...

The thing is, God works in mysterious ways. It might not be fair but everything happens for a reason or so I believe.

The earth might sustain us now cuz we're only 2 billion. It might sustain us even when we're 3, 4, or even 5 or billion but what happens when we're 15 billion? Unless a third world war occurs, the Earth is not going to sustain us all. That's my theory. It does not mean that I am in any way for or against war. It's just my theory.

Also, Aceh (primarily made up of wealthy muslims) has been threatening to secede itself from Indonesia which posed as a major problem for Indonesia. Now that the Tsunami has destroyed Aceh, the secession is moot. It's going to take them at least another 20 years to rebuild the damage that the Tsunami left in it's wake. Again, this does not mean that I "condone" any of what has happened. Just shedding some more light on my "God works in mysterious ways" theory/thing.

9ij 9ij Allah yikoon ib 3oonhom.

Q said...

u ok? been 2 weeks since ur last post!

Anonymous said...

Glad Kuwait up-ed its donations.

TheMalau said...

I also commend you on your post. I was also moved by the victims, and by the world's response. But it did leave a taste of bitter-sweet in my mouth, as I am from the Congo, and we have been asking for help forever!!!! And nothing has come. We have our problems, I know, and the siuation is not a natural catastrophe... But 3.5 million people in five years, I think it should move people to help too... or maybe our lives are less valuable than lives in Europe or Asia, I don't know. I mean look at the neglect of Somalia for about a week after the Tsunami! People need to be generous and sensitive to injustice and need all year-round, not just wait for a catastrophe to make "Tsunami-Aid" concerts and the likes.

kwtia said...

D'n'G I understand the desire to want to somehow make sense of what has happened by making logical connections between a disaster and other events that would somehow be explained by "god's mysterious ways', but I'm not sure that an all powerful being would need to do that to make changes..he could have just 'hadahum' in Aceh to stop fighting and made peace..why destroy so much, and so many..? I don't know, I can't get my mind around it in that way i guess. But as you say, Lord help must be just unbelievable to go through that.
Natural disasters are hard to deal with..But the thing is that we as a world community should have gotten past the time where money is spent on destroying each other and should have gotten to a time where we can also prevent the full destruction that nature can unleash...should have had early warning systems, Tsunami risk areas should have had protective barriers up just like in Japan. there was a three hour (at least) period between the knowledge that a tsunami was coming and the time it hit. That part is human criminal error. People should have been told.
Q, I am alive, thanks for checking on me..just had a crazy few weeks, and sort of travelled and was a way from a keyboard most of the time..but will get back into a little bit.
Anonymous, I am glad too, but considering the amount we have and the fact that a good chunk of our population is from the stricken countries, I don't know if we are giving enough yet..but every little bit is good I guess..

kwtia said...

The Malau, Thanks for looking in, welcome..yes i sgree with really is unbelievable how politicised aid is..millions dead in the Congo and no one whispers a thing about it..i am so sorry. What do you recommend that people can do to make a difference?

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

To me, even a seed's transformation into a flower (after going through all the necessary stages) is a miracle, albeit a small one but a miracle nonetheless. It doesn't have to do with "the need to make sense of what happened". It's what I truly believe in.

kwtia said...

D'n'G, I'm with you on the miracle bit..beautiful or amazing things are miraculous..I just hesitate to look at that type of destruction and suffering as a miracle..i tend to associate it with awe inspiring positive things..y'know..and yeah seed to flower, wow isn't that something?!