Thursday, December 16, 2004

The weather is an amazing thing..Blue skies today, after the grey of yesterday...there was a plane coming in through the clouds yesterday and it shook so much that a poor woman wouldn't stop screaming..hope the flight attendants helped her kindly...and what is this thing about people being stuck in traffic for four hours? Didn't we learn anything from the floods we had that last time, 5 or so years ago? Why would drizzle like this cause such blockages and delays? I tried every single street in one flooded part of town and they were all blocked by cops or well meaning people because there were huge puddles..In other countries it rains so much that people have to drain overflowing pools and they can still drive safely, and the pool here did not rise an inch..and I have to say we do love melodrama..people coming back with war stories about their day on the road...stories coming from the diwaniyas about everybody's day...I have heard that some people started crying in their cars and had to be rescued by family members walking to get them..I can understand that, being stuck in your seat for four hours is a pretty claustrophobic experience..And of course I love the comeback of the paternalistic "we are thankful to the Kuwaiti sha3b for their patience and their understanding"..Look I love rain, and I love clouds and there is nothing more beautiful than a storm..although yesterday is better described as drizzle, and I was pretty cheerful at the weather because I didn't really get caught in it..BUT, delays and flooding and traffic at a standstill and people trapped at work like some people I know in Shuwaikh, what's that about? Over some drizzle..
Just read an article about a news station called Ammanet, these guys are really doing a helculean job of getting the news out there...the English versions of some stories are on Eye on the Media...the reporters are on the field, they shoot write and edit their own stories...check them out...their story is on World Changing
As for the news: There is a debate you can watch between one of Saddam's lawyers and a US attorney who helped set up the legal system in Iraq...interestingly, they both say trials can't start next week , although there might be a pretend start for PR reasons (the transcript is also available to read)----The Kerik scandal just keeps getting more hysterical see The Independent---the Village Voice reports that "As of August, sewage from Baghdad's 3.8 million people was flowing untreated into the Tigris River"---The Guardian has a lengthy account of the mystery of Arafat's death---Fake cigarrettes pretending to be major brands are even more dangerous than the originals, so if you wanna kill yourself faster, there's an even better way now...
Have a good start to the weekend everyone..


1814 said...

Wow, great insight on one blog. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Take care and keep on keepin' on.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

It's understandable for Shuweikh to be flooded cuz of all that industrial garbage lying around. Plus, the sewage system over there could not cope with excess of water. The thing that bugs me though is that the rest of Kuwait was flooded as well. Hasn't the government been spending millions on fixing up the roads and stuff? This wasn't supposed to happen, again.

Oh my GOD you could not be more right about the melodrama. Everyone thinks they're a war hero for just getting from point A to point B granted it was hard but it also sounded like a lot of fun.

So as you can clearly see, I'm indecisive about this topic :P

kwtia said...

Thanks for visiting and for the kind words...What does your screen name/number refer to, if it's ok to ask?

kwtia said...

:) D'n'G it's ok to be indecisive, it is an annoying but funny event..I say that of course having been one of the lucky ones not trapped in a car for hours on end, or needing medical help and not being able to drive to the hospital..etc..

Maryam said...

hehehe, even though I don't like rain but I like being stuck in the flood. It will be fun. I won't be screaming for help but I will be the one rescuing people :P