Wednesday, December 8, 2004

News in Brief

Another cloudy day, and people turning three highway lanes into 5 and slowing everyone down..

The news: Kuwaiti co-ops are recalling chicken meat due to a salmonella infection--A chemical commonly found in shampoo,methylisothiazolinone (MIT), may cause brain damage according to research at Pittsburgh University---Cairo-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (HRINFO), titled "The Internet in the Arab World: A New Space of Repression?" finds many of the area's estimated 14 million Internet users facing shutdowns of Web sites, the closing of Internet cafes and prosecution for a variety of crimes, real or imagined.---The US is also flexing it's muscles on that front, seeking to limit the freedoms of the internet"I know that these actions will be controversial in this age when we still think the Internet is a free and open society with no control or accountability," Tenet told an IT security conference" ..

As for the news to our North:

  • "Forty-six eminent figures including military men, ex-diplomats and bishops have written to Tony Blair urging a inquiry into civilian deaths in Iraq"BBC
  • The 1000th US soldier dies in combat in Iraq, while the death toll from both combat and other causes in the war totals 1,275, while 9,765 US troops have been wounded. (The Guardian)
  • The CIA says that Iraq looks bad and is getting worse..(International Herald Tribune)
  • "Devastation, bitterness for Fallujah residents" (Kuwait Times)


Zaydoun said...

I wash my hair everyday.. and today I have this horrible headache that won't go away. I hope it's not brain damage!

kwtia said...

I really hope not Zaydoun, I would recommend some of the products in the stores listed to your right, organic natural, safe for the environment and for you..

Zaydoun said...

Are any of these products available in Kuwait?

My best friend was marketing consultant for Kiss My Face and last year he sent me a huge box of samples. Their shaving cream is AMAZING. And now I'm relaxing with one of their aromatherapy candles which seems to have eased my headache

kwtia said...

I haven't seen them here, I get most of the stuff in the mail..The Kiss my Face patchouli soap is amazing..You are lucky to have a friend with access to samples!


You do not necessarily need to turn to buying items at organic or specialty stores. Many simple household items can help:

Garlic: superb antibiotic and antivirus; helps to quell cancer; envigorate blood/oxygen flow...amongst many other things.

Ginger: also a powerful antibiotic/antivirus

Vinegar: when combined; is excellent for losing weight' cleaning hair and rejuvinating skin; cleanses rust...among others.

There are many other natural ingredients that can greatly help with a fraction of the price of what you'd pay at any type of store for the modified and often mis-marketed organic items. Educate yourself wisely.

kwtia said...

Yes, vinegar is amazing, it kills more germs than your normal poisonous household cleanser and it gets rid of odours and it brightens clothing and if you add it to a final rinse of laundry it boosts the baking soda that you added to your detergent to help clean the clothes. It cleans streaks off windows and with its trusty friend the baking soda wonder you can get those really difficult foods that get stuck in your pot, out without a single scrub..just let them soak.
I think a lot of us who do take the natural alternative are trying to educate ourselves, but we dont always have the time to make our own soaps etc..besides, voting with our money for companies who make natural alternatives keeps them in business and tells the other companies that we don't appreciate poisons in our products..
But good on you if you you make all your products out of the food aisle, that's pretty impressive. Just be wary of the pesticides and other poisons we have here in the soil...We don't grow certified organic here.

minky said...

I like your choice of news items. Keep up the good work :)

kwtia said...

Thanks Mink, nice of you to say..good to see you around:)