Saturday, January 7, 2006

Blogger Salaam Pax is on video here talking about democracy and Iraq...


Hilarious blogger Anna Marie Cox, formerly of Wonkette, has her book Dog Days looked at by the Village Voice, and the NYT.
The Bloggies are open for votes
Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars
As the governator continues to refuse clemency for reformed or ill death row inmates...another governor is dealing with a different aspect of why the death penalty is wrong...the fact that you can kill an innocent suspect.
Roger Keith Coleman was executed in 1992, a DNA test has now been authorised by the Governor of Virginia to assess his possible innocence..
For a very readable and shocking book about innocent people being convicted of crimes they are later cleared of by DNA tests look at Actual Innocence
Supersize Me's Morgan Spurlock, went on a detox diet after he destroyed his body with McDonald's...If you watched the film, then you will recall his girlfriend, Alex Jamieson, who detoxed him back to health...her diet is now in a book called The Great American Detox Diet.
The bloodbaths in Iraq continue..
Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.
Ernest Hemingway
As Sharon's condition remains grim, Amos Oz writes From muscle to mystery in the Guardian...

This is how Palestinians feel about it... and how some feel in the West Bank...neighbouring Arab States... among more radical Jewish groups... in NY's Jewish and Arab communities..and of course that big ass, Pat Robertson did not want to be outdone by anyone and suggested, as usual, that God was punishing Sharon... because of course, Patty has a direct hot-line to God and all God's decisions...
For a detailed description of why Sharon got the nickname the 'butcher of Beirut' take a look at 'The Fateful Triangle', for an article that is very critical of his history see counterpunch, and for a more admiring article see here..

If, as some predict, Netanyahu wins a bid to replace has people very, very scared..

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