Thursday, January 19, 2006

Golden Globe Moments:

George Clooney's acceptance speech on video ...If you are wondering who Jack Abramoff is, here are reviews of his many, many, many bad, bad deeds at wikipedia..and Salon and Think Progress
Clooney won for best actor in Syriana
Paradise Now was an interesting pick as Best Foreign Language film..
Here are all the nominations and Winners, in case you were on the moon for the past few days..
Here are the press interview videos..
Didn't Natalie Portman look lovely, as usual..well more importantly she has shorn off her locks for a film called V for Vendetta and it is based on the graphic novel by one of the best comics writers Alan Moore, who also wrote The Watchmen which I have mentioned before...

This is how V introduces himself:
"Me? I'm the king of the Twentieth Century. I'm the bogeyman. The Villian...The black sheep of the family"
Power, fascism, responsibility for your actions and for the government that you allow to rule you, empowerment of the people who should know that the govenment serves them and not the other way around, democracy and anarchism..all those themes and more are presented in the novel to make you think about the world we have all had a hand in shaping...
Another interesting story for our times...
"Her name is Anarchy and she has taught me as a mistress more than you ever did! She has taught me that justice is meaningless without freedom. She is honest. She makes no promises and breaks none. Unlike you, jezebel"


nibaq said...

Alan Moore has denied any involvement in the movie V for Vendetta even to such a degree that he doesn't want his name attached to the movie and his cut of it goes to the artist David Lloyd.

Alan Moore has a major hate relationship with Hollywood, especially after how they butchered From Hell.

Movie adaptations of comics is tough job. I hear they are working on Morrison's The Invisbles, and there is always talk about Ellis' Transmetropolitan. Also we are just die hard to the original story, any change at all just irks the hell out of us.

Until next time, make mine Marvel.

kwtia said...

Hi Nibaq, Yeah there is even a little bit about that in the link on his name...hehe he called the script "imbecilic"...I understand completely..I felt a bit traitorous mentioning the film, but I figure it has the chance of turning a lot of people on to Moore..also even if the films suck, I can't help but enjoy them to some degree and also always have hope that they will be great (even as stand alone pieces)...the original is always best though..The Watchmen is also being filmed...I am waiting for them to finally decide to make Ennis'/Dillon's Preacher..and then complain about how they made it... which always happens.
:) MMM