Saturday, January 28, 2006

by Laila el-Haddad
Hamas's victory is the inevitable result of the failure to do anything about the oppression which Palestinians suffer
by Gerald Kaufman
What is Hamas? How did they develop? What are their stated goals?
Mazin Qumsiyeh has a perspective on the elections here...
Iraq's deputy justice minister, Busho Ibrahim Ali, dismissed such claims, saying hostage-holding was a tactic used under the ousted Saddam Hussein dictatorship, and "we are not Saddam." A U.S. command spokesman in Baghdad, Lt. Col. Barry Johnson, said only Iraqis who pose an "imperative threat" are held in long-term U.S.-run detention facilities.
But documents describing two 2004 episodes tell a different story as far as short-term detentions by local U.S. units. The documents are among hundreds the Pentagon has released periodically under U.S. court order to meet an American Civil Liberties Union request for information on detention practices.
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