Monday, January 2, 2006

Hope everyone is safe and snuggly in the arms of this new year... we hope that it will be better than the last...and recognise that we are bound to be reminded that bad news can always top itself:

Now for a roundup of the good and the bad and the kinda weird..

  • Want to download SNL's Weekend update? news is fun with folks like's only the most recent ones that are watchable, but there are transcripts of the others..Enjoy.
  • Is Washington Planning a Military Strike? (Der Spiegel)...the answer is apparently yes...are those your knees shaking at the thought? Almost a year ago the New Yorker ran a piece on the plans for the strikes...
  • NYT article on blogging...
  • 4,000 year old gay couple on the walls of an Egyptian tomb, are the images... who would have thought..Egypt was more progressive thousands of years ago than the gay marriage Europe of today..
  • No nudity in the new Indian fact no 'playboy', it will be called something else...what, GQ?
  • The 50 best albums of 2005, Rolling Stone.
  • Oh, Harpers...why you so funny?

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