Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Public Eye awards are out...

Yes, while the heavy boots and sharp stilettoes of the rich and connected booze and schmooze among the snow and Swissness of in the knowledge that all the thousands of protestors will not be allowed under the same sky ...the Public Eye awards are being handed out to those companies that have the hideous dishonour of being the most irresponsible and damaging entities around..Oh, and the guy with the awsome glasses is Patrick Frey the presenter of the awards and a Swiss author and comedian..indeed.
The Nominees included:
For complicity in the intimidation and murder of union members in it's bottling plants in Columbia.
For agressive marketing of baby formula, hostility to unions and the illegal pumping of spring water.
For "serious labor and human rights violations" by subcontractors
For being a haven for tax evasion and money laundering.
And the award goes to:
"Chevron is currently a defendant in a historic class-action trial in Ecuador brought by 30,000 rainforest dwellers."


Shemsi said...

Oh my god Coca Cola is scary!

kwtia said...

I would have to agree...I recommend drinking fresh organic juices..or fair trade tea and's much easier on the conscience.