Thursday, January 12, 2006

The police have arrested a bunch of grandmothers in an anti-war protest..see here for the photos of those scayree, dangerous senior citizens that had to be taken off the streets..
Good grief..
Norway is going to create a doomsday crop vault in an arctic that if and when the world has all it's agricultural crops wiped out...there will be a safe supply of seeds for the first generation after the apocalypse or accident or whatever will befall this planet probably as a result of our actions..
Speaking of disaster planning there is this...and my comment would be "really??" and then maybe .."no, but, really!?"
And then, in other disastrous news...345 people dead already in the Hajj stampede...1000 injured and counting...hasn't this happened enough times for there to be new more efficient safety measures taken to make sure that the millions shoving each other around somehow do it with less fatal consequences? Here are the measures that were taken after the 1994 stampede...not useful for the lives lost today..
Past Hajj crowd control tragedies:

February 1, 2004, 251 Muslim pilgrims were killed and another 244 injured in a stampede during the stoning of the jamaraat (pillars) ritual.
March 5, 2001, 35 pilgrims were trampled in a stampede during the stoning of the devil ritual.
April 9, 1998, at least 118 pilgrims were trampled to death and 180 injured.
May 23, 1994, a stampede killed at least 270 pilgrims at the stoning of the jamaraat (pillars) ritual.
July 2, 1990, a stampede inside a pedestrian tunnel leading to the holy sites led to the deaths of 1,426 pilgrims


MSB said...

unfortunately there's only so much that can be controlled! when i was there last year, the last day of ramee el jamarat is the worst. everyone shows up at approximately the same time to do the same thing. imagine the millions! people start to panic while others carry their luggage and try to bump their way through the crowds.

all other events r fine because people go at different times. it's only thing one event that causes the most casualties/fatalities! :/

Allah yer7amhom... o erid the rest of el 7ejaj bil 3afeya ella deyarhom..

kwtia said...

Hi MSB, I know, it's pretty crazy when everyone there is supposed to be in that one one time...hard to control, but still..there must be a solution..and apparently there were people linking hands and charging into the crowd so that they could get up to the front, which must be frightening and dangerous for the people being charged at..Allah yer7amhum..

Anonymous said...

People don't enlist in the armed services because for the money....they enlist knowing full well they may have to fight and lose their lives someday. They are there because they made that choice.

Silly Grannies...

Gary said...

Enjoy your blog - found you through Auntie Willow. Nice eclectic mix of ideas. I'll visit again...

And yes, those grannies look darn dangerous. Who knows what they might do with knitting needles or a vase of flowers? Time to put them behind bars!

kwtia said...

Anonymous, thanks for sharing your thoughts..i think that people enlist for different reasons..and many of them do so to defend their country..maybe the grannies just think that defending your country and invading a country are two different worth dying for, the other not..

Hi Gary, thanks for the kind words..Isn't Willow the best? See you around :)