Monday, November 1, 2004

Ahh the blackout...One of the richest and tiniest countries in the world (that is a rare combo) couldn't turn the electricity back on for some of its areas till past 9pm yesterday (Funaitees was out till 9:30)...that means 8 hours of the food in the freezer saying its last goodbyes before it was ruined...and it's not like they had a continent to deal much smaller do we have to be for them to be able to run the country properly...or is that not really the problem..hmmm..And of course the radio was useless as ever..."uhm mr policeman please tell us how the roads are"..and you would expect a road report, like: 'well number 60 is backed up, but there seems to be less traffic on istiqlal' etc...instead we get.."i would like to thank the kuwaiti people for being so patient and helpful"..well patient and helpful doesn't help me and feels like we don't need your pat on the back. Why do they think that they can talk to the people of this country like children? Like when a kid falls over and is about to cry and suddenly you start clapping for him and he is all fine because he forgot about the pain. What we wanted to hear was Why this happened, Where the electricity was off, and what they are doing to fix it and a traffic report would have been just lovely. Instead we get patronizing rubbish about being good citizens. And of course today we get the 200kd that isn't going to make people any less pissed off that this place is so topsy turvy when it has all the resources able to turn it into an amazing country.
cranky? me? never.


Q said...

kwtia, check out my latest post about the same subject.

I heard the guy on the radio yesterday telling everyone that everything will be ok if we all cooperate, and we would like to thank the patient and great Kuwaiti citizens for trying to get through this ordeal....blah blah blah.....USELESS CRAP!! Instead of talking to all the ppl on the radio like 5 yr old kids "shaaa6ir baabaa", tell me what happened? how long will it take? and how the hell something like that could happen in the first place?

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

As usual I missed everything while sleeping :/

Valiant Contender said...

I couldn't agree more :)
Besides when you think of the 200 KD on a large scale, about 1m kuwaitis * 200KD thats 200mil KD, imagine the uses it can be put to.