Wednesday, November 3, 2004

i am drifting in and out of sleep...stayed up watching the the maps go red and then blue and then much red...Won't write much, because i may fall asleep very soon...everyone I talked to is really depressed. This place and people have changed a lot since the time when they just blindly worshipped anybody named after a shrub...of course there are still the people who bow before the memory of an intervention many years ago, and many others who are happy to justify all the current destruction and carnage and also the march of a leading modern country back to medeival thinking; justify it all by pointing to the great economic gains that war has wrought for this little place here...I suppose we can leave them to their consciences...

Voters Report Problems with Computer Systems -Reuters
Voting Problems Widespread in Florida, Pennsylvania

B is at 254
K is at 252

What's left?
Ohio which is so far 51B/49K- It has 20 Electoral points/votes--it won't be called till the 100,000 to quarter million provisional ballots are counted 11 days from now-- what are provisional ballots?-"Voters were allowed to cast provisional ballots if their names weren't on registration lists when they showed up at their polling place. Election officials must validate that the ballots were properly cast before counting them"(Bloomberg)

Iowa is 50B/49K (7 Electoral points)- waiting for results of absentee ballots to be counted and also equipment failures caused delays. The absentee ballots are more than the lead B is currently enjoying.

New Mexico is 50B/48K (5 electoral points)- "In New Mexico, election officials indicate there are over 20,000 provisional ballots that need to be validated and counted – almost double the amount of votes Bush is leading by"(

rumour has it that Kerry will give a consession speech around one today...why the hurry folks, count the votes.


Q said...

There you go, Kerry conceded, which was actually very admirable from him. He was behind in the popular vote by 3.7 million, not a small figure. He probably lost Ohio too, so instead of leaving the country in turmoil for 11 more days, he put the country ahead of his own personal gain, and decided to concede to Bush so the country can continue functioning properly.

Jacqui said...

Bushie won :P hehehe Dumbo won Yay! :P


Zaydoun said...

No more horseface, but plenty of Chimpface for the next 4 years.. that "deer in headlights" look, that Alfred E. Neuman grin.. AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

Finally, someone who sees the bigger picture beyond our borders. A civil war (or possibly WW3!) is raging next door and people pretend like Kuwait is an island in the Pacific. The US is overtaken by Christian fundamentalists hell-bent on turning back all the social progress of the 20th century, and people just shrug.

kwtia said...

Z, have you seen this spoof put together from Don Knotts' shows? It might take the sting out of things for a few minutes...