Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Charity Drive

OK Guys, spread the word...On the first day of every month there will be a charity drive for a particular cause...this will be held at the charity shop at Zahra Center...The charity shop runs all the time, but the cause changes monthly...December 1st, the money will be going to a charity that helps children who are not allowed an education due to their lack of citizenship, and children who can't afford an education...every fils you donate can help, so try to make it over at some point tomorrow..

You can also find out what causes are next on the list and how you can donate things you have at home to the shop so that the sale of the object can go to charity..send your family and friends over, send someone with a couple of KD if you can't make it yourself...

Location: Zahra Center- The space where there used to be a cafe upstairs..ask for the charity shop 'Artizana'
Time: 10am-1pm and 5pm-9pm
Date Wednesday the 1st of december.


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kwtia said...

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