Monday, November 29, 2004

I have had Jane Birkin's last album on repeat since I got the cd delivered in an opened, checked, invaded, unwrapped cd case inside an amazon package that was wrapped in endless kwt censorship tape..except i could pull the cd out of the side of the package which was unsealed..If they aren't going to seal the whole thing up again, why wrap the little package with sooo much tape? And if they are going to wrap it, and they have already invaded our privacy and poked their noses and fingers and whatever else into our belongings, why bother to tape up the package so maniacly that if i couldn't luckily yank the cd out of the side i would have had to get in there with a chainsaw?

Then I was listening to the amazing Be Good Tanyas ('Chinatown' album) in the car when the guy in the white chevy in front of me, with his perfectly starched shmagh stuck his fingers out of the top of his window (too cold to open all the way) and gave us all the gift of his filthy kleenex...I did the typically annoying headshake because i didn't know what else to do..and then when he got really generous and threw out the second batch, I instinctively went for the horn and held it until the guy squeezed through the other lanes to get away from the crazy person behind him honking the horn and waving a tissue box..
There are several places to put used tissue, half eaten sandwiches, aluminium foil smeared with leftover meat, jam3iya plastic bags filled with an assortment of rotting smelly stuff and trash...These places are called trash cans and they are on every corner, also cars do have ashtrays..and you can also keep a little bag in your car in case you ever have to use a tissue and are confused as to whether you should put it in your ashtray or throw it out your window at passing cars..this bag can have instructions on it (trash here/ do not throw me out your window) for the unimaginative polluters who can't figure out the difference between a garbage dump and public space.
I have seen people have to open their doors because the trash they are about to spill on the road is just too much to go out the little window..unbelievable..

Otherwise the day is quite nice isn't it? Blue skies and biting cold..very nice..

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