Friday, November 19, 2004

Ma3rath il Kitab starts on the 23rd you guys..I guess it's at the usual place, Ardh il ma3arith..if anyone has any info that's different let us know..Yes I know that most of the books suck, but the trick is to go there and ask for books you want to see and complain about what you think is not so good. Otherwise the only consumers there will be the ones that they cater to already..Your voice is the only thing that will change the kind of stuff we get here. It is a business after all..they hear enough people wanting change and they will find a way to bring you the books you want..Let your demands and your Dinars do the changing..challenge the dearth and the mediocrity..

For those of you from the UK, you lucky people have the chance to win all 20 books on the Whitbread Awards shortlist, courtesy of the Guardian...Good luck.

For Arabic books online check out Saqi Books in London, L'olivier in Geneva..

Some sites about Arabic literature: Columbia Uni's page on Arabic literature, Arabic Poetry online..

Want to read books online? See Project Gutenberg and the Online Books Page.

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture.Just get people to stop reading them.
Ray Bradbury

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.
Chinese proverb


Q said...

ma3rath ilkitab??

Oh...u mean ma3rath tafseer ala7laam walkutub aldeeniya? ;P

kwtia said...

and let's not forget all the self-help books..If we can translate that many self-help books, why not put some effort into something more serious..but seriously I have found some good stuff there, you just have to look hard..
and you have to let them know that there is demand for things other than the stuff you just mentioned.

shady q80 said...

I love ma3arath il kitab...

You quoted Bradbury...I love you :D (check my posts on him!)

and welcome back.

kwtia said...

yeah Shady,I know you have been reading the ol' guy, and figured you would appreciate the quote for more than it's face value..
Hey have you heard of Bradbury's fiery response to M. Moore, which is kinda odd because alluding to one's fiction is not plagiarism..but he is upset.
Also, have you seen the film F 451 Truffaut/ Julie Christie...?

Eva said...

I Love it Also .. Its A m3rath Ketab + M3rath Tashkele like every year + Omseyat sh3reya For some sho3ara2.. I think Thats Pretty Good . .
Although i still have kotob mo garet'ha .. that i bought from lebanon :/ ..

Am coming here again To see What u guys will buy in this m3rath .. see u : )

shady q80 said...

Should I watch the movie or will it spoil what I have read?

kwtia said...

Hi Shady, lets see...It's been years since I saw the movie and I saw it before reading the I can't tell if it would spoil your reading..If you see it as a thing seperate from the book and judge it as a film, rather than as a film linked to a book it's interesting because it is typical of the period it was filmed and it's by Truffaut. It is sometimes described as being better than the book itself..a very rare thing..I got the dvd version a few months ago to see it again, when i do i'll let you know more (if you haven't seen it by then)

ken said...

I loved your blogsite - read the whole thing. I am doing research about Kuwaiti youth and wonder if you are interested to collaborate?