Sunday, May 21, 2006

6pm address by the Emir...and the elections will be held on the 29th of next month...according to the ticker running across the screen..and to hell with my travel plans I guess..
'Threat to national security'? He said 'threat to national security'?
That's a bit strong..who is threatening security?
Besides corruption that is...
Basically the Emir said he dissolved the parliament in order to give everyone a 'time-out', which is a sad reminder that we are still considered not citizens with rights but a country of children that need lecturing and decisions made for them..
Still seeing the world through orange tinted glasses..
"There is no blue without yellow and without orange" Van Gogh


√írange Juice™ said...

So that's what the speech was about.I can only hope that a lot of good will come out of the new parliment Inshallah.

kwtia said...

well besides making it sound like the opposition was somehow the most threatening thing to ever hit the country..and using really worrying words like 'fitna'..'shiqaq'..'sha7n' etc... was basically 'in order for everyone to chill out' the only vehicle for democratic action will be suspended, dissolved..disappeared...
We can only hope and do our best to get out the vote..

Antisocial said...

I can only agree with every word you said. With that out of the way, I have to say that, yes, the majority of Kuwaitis express child like behavior and thinking ability. Unfortunately, the government has treated Kuwaitis as children for many years. That was accomplished through lavish living, easy money, job security to an unprecedented level, and loose laws. Allah Said that he only changes a society when he changes what is in them. We have nothing in us. We lack thinking ability, and those who have it lack opportunity. We lack ideology, and those who have it lack a vision. We lack true country love and patriotism, and those who have it hate the Kuwaiti people. It seems we are the best when it comes to canceling our selves out through contradiction.
And don’t ever be sorry that we have been liberated, and never ever apologies to anyone, they did not free us for our cute looks. They just didn’t want a mad man to hold the world’s largest reserve “Iraq+Kuwait”.
Don’t forget if it was not for what is under Kuwait we would be serving mocha Tall in Starbucks Bagdad.
With all respect

kwtia said...

Thanks again for the comments antisocial..Don't worry, that 'sorry' was tongue in cheek..
Interesting theory of contradictions ..