Monday, May 29, 2006

Headlines, Hurricanes and Haha's

Finally a biodegradable water bottle! It's about bloody time.
A Florida professor finds out he is related to Genghis Khan...Want to know who you are descended from? Go here
(I would... but It's too creepy)
Salon's 20 Best films to watch out for
Why not to privatize water...
And for the privatization fanatics..though I know, nothing convinces the faithful:
The myths that drive privatisation
Water Privatisation Fiascos: Seven Case Studies
Water as Commodity - The Wrong Prescription
The global water crisis and UK aid
Econ-Atrocity: Should water assets and services be privatized or publicly managed?
The state of the world's human rights 2006 edition by Amnesty
What hurricane? The one that hit the Ministry of Information...Hurricane Al-Sanusi

And finally, to the person who got to this blog by searching for "hairy Kuwaiti men"...Thank you for the laughs I got when I checked the stats's not the weirdest search that got someone here, but it certainly was good timing for a chuckle. I hope that your 27 seconds on this blog were pleasant, despite the fact that there were no H.K.M to be found.

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