Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Thanks to the sharp eye of khalala over at Sand Dunes I took a closer look at the huge front page photo in Al-Watan (pardon my language) ...You know the Sunday one which had a caption saying that 'Thousands" gathered in opposition to the 5 districts...thousands!..
we already read the Sa7at il-Safat post about how many of those gathered that day were recognised as members of the security forces dressed up as civilians .
Well take a look at the photo..i know many of you might not have the stomach to be in the same space as those pages of trash, but the picture is certainly worth a thousand of those words they will have to swallow in time to come..
Khalala has the pic posted, and you will be able to see the lack of photoshop skills employed at that worthless paper if you get a nice close look..
There is a man missing a head in the middle of the photo next to the guy in black ( mourning his ethics i can only presume). The missing head guy has his arms folded and there is a floating head turned at a right angle hanging just by his arm..that is where the two shots were overlapped..
Around that area there are a lot of cut and paste people..each a different size and looking in different's actually fun to look for the completely ridiculous positions the people are in, in relation to each other and there are a couple of other half bodies if you feel like looking for them..
Look at the guy standing, or rather bending over right in the front row middle..if that was really where he was in relation to the guy on the right, then his rear has eaten off half the guys shoulder even though he is behind the sitting man..Physics like that might have to be reported to NASA.
Then there is the other phenomenon of kuwaiti giants..the person making the cut and paste didn't even bother with perspective..there are men double or triple the size of those right next to them, particularily in the back along the middle where they thought you wouldn't notice..
Thanks go out to the Sand-dunes blog...
Update: Sa7at il-Safat took the story and ran with it...they have the pictures with all the stuff pointed out in detail, if you are curious to look more closely at the forgeries..


ZORT said...

Good job Kwtia :-)


kwtia said...

Thanks Zort, the main kudos go to khalala's sharp eyes..It's a pretty sad thing..they could have just put a lot of photos next to each other, and made it look like there were a lot of people, but they got too ambitious and wanted that silly wide shot..
They are burying themselves..we don't have to do anything much.

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Hey there! If I didn't check your blog Kwtia then I wouldn't have known about Sand Dunes and Sa7at il-Safat so thank you! About the photo, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry. Isti3baa6 mo 6abee3y *sigh* Take care of you, Later!

White Wings said...

more pictures are being posted with the same technique
where are you? why aren't you writing anything about them??
Good job, it is you who opened that jar of warms from the very beginning
proud of your work :)

kwtia said...

Sorry, but I got distracted...Thanks for the kind words and for coming by..although I have to say that it was Khalala that did the sleuthing and the guys at Sa7at il Safat that expanded on the whole thing..I just was the middle-person..see you around :)