Saturday, May 20, 2006

The New School had it's own Orange revolt this week...
Saudi Arabia beats Kuwait in getting a film out there that challenges conventions...
It is opening in Cannes..
Produced in Dubai's Studio City
While some of us are having press roundups about just being in a festival audience..
Well, on the documentary front, they don't have BuNaz, which keeps our hope alive..
Tonight..Graduates Society..
"When The People Spoke"


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Hey! Umm the first link doesn't work unless you're registered at the nytimes. Just in case you didn't know.

Bah! Here I had my heart set on making the first decent kuwaity movie, just needed a year or two to finish up my studies, and outta nowhere out pops our neighbors with this.

I wish them the best of luck! Hope the critics embrace it... or not... depending on whatever they want it to do. Although, not to seem rude or anything but I do find this Saudi heartthrob Hisham Abdulrahman laughable. I really hope no harm comes to the Saudi chick. Chithi willa yi7aliloon damha? Mo shay... Ah well, take care, yeah? Laters!

kwtia said...

Hey you..Thanks for the heads up about the link..I didn't know...oops..
it worked with me which was weird since the nyt is always so stingy with their articles..maybe that was a fluke..I will check it asap..
Yeah the whole heartthrob thing is a bit weird..

kwtia said...

Ok the link has been replaced with one that unfortunately has less pictures, but has a video which is a plus.

bunaz said...

you have no idea how much this comment of yours means to me.
I just hope that I will be up to the responsibility you have bestown upon me.

kwtia said...

BuNaz, It's very nice to have you in these parts of the blogworld :) I certainly meant it and I have no doubts about your abilities..And the best thing about it is that you love what you do! I am looking forward to you next film.
By the way, I think the documentary should be required viewing for all schools..every year.
Give N a big hello...we miss her and miss the laughs.

BintBuNaz said...



kwtia said...

Well well...look who happened to drop by..
N! Start writing again..Enough absence already..Or do you have some blog I just can't seem to're forcing me to eat a lot of Knorr chilli mayonnaise to make up for the snorting laugh withdrawals..

BintBuNaz said...

I'll be back before you know it. And pfft.. you think I could start anew without letting you know?


kwtia said...

That's what i like to hear..