Monday, May 22, 2006

It occured to me while I was driving around tapping my fingers on the steering wheel in suppressed rage that there are a lot of 'p' words that describe goings on in this little part of the planet we live in..and if you say 'p' words out loud it blows off a lot of steam..
The main one that was running through my head was paternalism, thank you's for that go out to the speech last night...pessimism is also high on the list, same thank you's... our peaceful protests across partisan lines are penalized by paralysing parliament and poo-pooing the people's right to passionately participate in the political process...and that pathetic and predatory press and it's painful propaganda, piddling around prehistoric notions of patriotism...
the patriotism of the priviledged and patriarchial...where payola is a prerquisite for positions of power...what a pity my beautiful country...that the only place you still stay beautiful is in my heart...
Too bad I'm a little pissed..
Too bad I wasn't polite enough to not use that word.
Anyway, my playful and pure progressive patriots in pumpkin orange...the word i'd rather have going through my mind is Phoenix..

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