Monday, May 29, 2006

Scientists say that an 'invisibility cloak' is theoretically possible..
There's already a blueprint for it and they are buying the materials..
But while the scientists tinker with their toys and make something that probably won't make the world that much better:
You might not want to be invisible in the face of the following:
Yogyakarta...Java..Indonesia...over 4,300 dead..200,000 people are sleeping in the pouring can help in the simplest way possible..just go here.
East Africa is having a food crisis..and by East Africa they mean mostly Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Tanzania..Oxfam is caring for 700,000 facing here to help.
The crisis in the Sudan is far from ending..2 million families and children face the toughest help go here


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

The people in Indonesia really have it tough. mo mitrag3een killish, min shay lay shay. I'm not saying that the people in East Africa are having a picnic. If anything, they've got it even worse. But in Indonesia the quake wasn't avoidable whereas in East Africa, people could help if they wanted to.

I disagree. I think the "invisibility cloack" could totally help. If say for example we needed to smuggle kids out of a war-ridden country. By that same token though, it could be used to smuggle terrorist in. Ah well!

kwtia said...

Well I guess if you're gonna use it to help people...hhmmm..yeah no picnics anywhere these days..

9oot said...

Make your donations to the victims of the Indonesia Earthquake through KRCS and NBK , just go to

coquine said...

Anybody know how reliable kcrs is? is this the best way to donate?

kwtia said...

9oot, Thanks for the link :)
Coquine, I have heard both good and bad things, maybe your best bet is to visit their headquarters at some point and get a feel for it.