Thursday, May 18, 2006

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One step forward...5 thousand year steps back...the virulent form of religious literalism has managed to infect British schools as well as those across the atlantic puddle.."Creationism debate moves to Britain"..but while they pretend to be even more regressive than us folks in these parts of the non-thought spectrum, and grumble about not being related to apes- the apes themselves have finally decided it's time to let their idiot cousins know that we don't have a monopoloy over syntax..putty-nosed monkeys use sentences to communicate, something which our well publicised arrogance made us think was a uniquely human trait..well the putty-nosed monkey is rubbing our nose in it.. what a shocker, I we will find out that we are not the only planet in the vast galaxy that has life on it..what will our human centered world-view come to..

Taliban forces? 40 dead in a day? Wait didn't the war in Afghanistan end, uhm, like way before everyone got shuffled closer to here? Or is that something we aren't supposed to talk about? Like not mentioning that women are still being oppressed, or that in the liberated Afghanistan "No place is safe. It's all scary, all the time"
Another place that is all scary all the time is know, that place that doesn't have oil or an oil pipeline project and so genocide there is not much of an least not enough to grab hearts and foreign troops.
Silence is complicity, we can't say we didn't know.
click the link and join Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda) and others in just saying enough..
Not much but it's something..
To mark the week that Blair signed onto more are photo essays from Chernobyl 20 years later and from a town near India's major Uranium facility..hope the lined pockets are worth it Tony..

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